6 Unconventional Babyroom Features No Parent Should Ignore

Of course you want the best for your child. But what is that really when you’re setting up a new room for a baby or toddler? Of course, you also have your budget to keep in mind. So, which changes or features will be money well spent?

We created a renovation and decoration list that’s out of the ordinary but worth considering. With radical structural changes like skylight installation or picking the right furniture such as a recliner chair, you’re creating a space that’s extremely beneficial for all involved—parent AND child. 

Skylights for Light and Mood

If you have time to renovate the room or entire house before Baby arrives, do consider adding a skylight to the space. This feature means you’ll be less reliant on artificial lights and that comes with a host of benefits:

  • Natural light can improve your mood, which is good news for any parent facing new challenges, including lack of sleep.
  • A skylight can make it easier to maintain comfortable interior temperatures. 
  • When using features like a skylight diffuser, you prevent hot spots in the room and there are fewer shadows, creating a very inviting interior space. 
  • Exposure to more sunlight can lead to higher Vitamin D levels, that carry multiple health benefits for newborns. 

And don’t worry, a feature like this may cost a little money but any future buyer will welcome it, so you’re adding value to your property. 

Recliner Chair for Those Bad Nights

Now, setting up the baby room is of course about the baby’s comfort, but it should also be about the parents’. Chances are, you’ll spend many nights in that room, tending to a niggly baby or simply staring at that sweet face. 

Many couples pick the traditional rocking chairs, but those quickly become too hard and uncomfortable! Make life a little easier for yourself and add a soft recliner chair if there’s enough space. It will serve you well from breastfeeding days right through to toddler and early childhood years, because there will be less walking back and forth between your bed and the kid’s room just to catch some shut-eye. 

Once again, it’s a long-term investment because you can simply move it to your living room if you really don’t need it in a bedroom any longer. 

Vertical Garden for a Calm, Natural Feel

Vertical gardens are popular for households wanting to bring nature inside, as the greenery is calming and can even result in freshening up the air. So, why not incorporate it into your child’s life early on? 

Once your child is older, it can also aid in sensory play if you guide him or her to touch and discover the different plants. As a bonus, it’s an instant décor feature, so you won’t need a lot more to make the room look impressive. 

Glow-in-the-Dark to Capture Imagination

While out shopping for décor, do consider some glow-in-the-dark objects you can place on a shelf or stick against the walls and ceiling. This is another feature that carries benefits for both you and the little one:

  • With objects glowing once the lights are out, you’re creating an interesting space for your child—they’ll have great memories of their unique looking room. 
  • For parents, having a little light in the room is very helpful when you check on the little ones during the night. No need to switch on a main light or even use your mobile phone to see if they’re properly covered, so there’s less chance of you accidentally waking them. 

Chalkboard Surfaces to Set Creativity Free

Planning on repainting the room? Allocate a section to become the ‘arty’ wall and cover it with chalkboard paint. Children can discover their inner artists and you’ll have less clutter in the room because you don’t have to buy a separate drawing board later on. 

It’s an effortless way to help your child explore talents and practice writing, so you’re supporting their development in a dynamic way with just one simple room-feature. It’s also eco-friendly since you won’t throw away stacks of paper the kids draw on!

If you’re lucky, your children will keep the doodles on that section of wall and not scribble all over the house!

Art Storage Boxes on the Wall

If your little one is a budding artist and leaves paintings and drawings (on paper) all over the house, you’ll be tempted to keep it all. But where to put it? Simply stashing it in a cupboard may not motivate your child to keep practicing. 

The solution is a storage box fitted to the wall, with a glass front. Fit one drawing into the frame and place the other papers in the box behind it for safekeeping. From time to time you can change which one is on display. Your child will feel seen and the room will have a unique look. 

Final Thoughts

Of course, you’ll consider features like the perfect baby crib or picking out soothing paint colours too. But thinking out the box and giving your baby room the X-factor may be just what you need to make parenting a little less overwhelming. 

From stimulating your child to ensuring you get a little more sleep, these features are worth the money and effort. And if you have more tips for other parents, don’t hesitate to share in the comments!

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