6 Small Ways To Show Your Employees You Care

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Employee appreciation is more crucial to a business’s success than ever before. More employees are abandoning their jobs than in previous markets, citing job satisfaction and work-life freedom as the biggest causes. High turnover rates can cost a business a lot of money in hiring and training fees.

In addition to a fair salary and work-life balance, it’s also important to routinely show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. This guide lists a few small ways to say “Thanks” to your team.

Encourage Education and Skill Development

Research shows that employees are more likely to stay with a business that supports their goals. By encouraging education and training, you can help your employees develop the skills most important to them. In return, the employees will use these skills in their current positions, which helps boost the business’s success. Continuing education programs also help improve brand strength and credibility. A positive company reputation reduces employee turnover rates and can help you attract higher-quality, experienced candidates to fill any option positions.

Give Recognition When It’s Due

Sometimes, showing your employees that you appreciate them is as simple as giving recognition. Acknowledge that you recognize their hard work and share their accomplishments with others. This can be as simple as an office email or an Employee of the Month program.Annual dinners or retreats can also be an excellent time to honor employees who have gone above and beyond. Award team members with trophies or company-branded gear in return for achieving impressive sales numbers or results. You can also share employee achievements at daily work meetings or simply communicate them with the rest of the team. Sometimes, giving recognition when it’s due is as easy as a handwritten note or email. Not every employee will be comfortable with public recognition, so it’s important to understand your team members.

Offer Freebies

Everyone loves free items. Offering your employees free items, whether breakfast bars or beverages, is an extra way to say thanks. Personalized bags and totes with the company name or logo can also increase employee pride in the business. Allowing employees to share these free items with their family and friends is also free marketing. You could choose simple drawstring bags or opt for a sports pack or nylon bag with a zipper. Eco-friendly reusable bags are also a great way to show that the business cares about the environment, helping to build a positive brand reputation.

Include Extra Benefits in the Compensation Package

Most employee benefits packages include health insurance or retirement funding. These are typical expectations that workers look for when seeking a new job. Adding extra benefits can boost employee satisfaction, which can lower turnover rates. A few excellent benefits include paid time off, work-from-home time, gym memberships, or free lunch days.

Promote an Office of Open Communication

No two employees are the same, meaning it’s important to understand what makes your team members feel appreciated and happy. Promoting an office of open communication allows you to get to know your employees better. This also allows you to get ahead of any issues and solve them before employees decide to leave.Open communication includes getting to know your employees, including their professional goals, family life, and overall satisfaction with their position. It also means creating an environment where employees feel comfortable approaching you with issues. Open-door policies or frequent meetings can be beneficial to a positive work environment.

Encourage Time Off and Vacation Days

Many employees report that they don’t feel comfortable using all the paid time off or vacation days available to them. Encourage your employees to take their days off and disconnect. This means creating a culture that allows for this. It also means approving days off based on company policy. Let your team know that they work hard and that they deserve to use the days owed to them.Modeling disconnecting during vacation or days off can also set the tone for company expectations. Employees typically follow what their leaders do, so by you valuing personal time, they will too. Additionally, some employers may even include vacation time or the use of personal paid days as one of the achievable goals in their annual performance review.Employee appreciation is crucial in today’s business world. Failing to show your team members that you appreciate their hard work can lead to low employee morale and high turnover rates. Low retention rates can make it difficult for businesses to reach their goals. Saying thanks doesn’t have to be a huge task. Encouraging the use of vacation time or giving freebies are a few simple ways to show employee appreciation.

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