5 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Neat and Clean ALL the Time

Outdoor Living Space

Is your outdoor living or entertainment space your pride and joy all the time? Or, when it comes to housecleaning duties, does it get neglected? Even more so when the winter months settle in and you don’t spend as much time outdoors. However, if you’re not careful, an untidy and dirty outdoor space can quickly become an eyesore. Also, it will be much more difficult to clean once it reaches that stage of disorder. 

Instead of waiting for spring to prep your outdoor living space, find ways to keep it neat and clean all the time. Installing features such as outdoor blinds Melbourne homeowners use to upgrade their outside entertainment spaces is one way of keeping the dirt out no matter the season. Continue reading for more tips on sprucing up your exterior living spaces for year-round enjoyment. 

5 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Neat and Clean ALL the Time

1. Include Exterior Spaces in Weekly Housecleaning Schedule

We tend to focus our housecleaning on interior spaces but we often forget to include the outside. When planning your weekly housecleaning duties, make sure to include your exterior entertainment space. Even if you just tend to the basics, you can ensure this area is kept neat and tidy throughout the year. 

Simple weekly cleaning tasks should include:

  • Sweeping (and mopping if necessary) the floor.
  • Wiping down outdoor furniture.
  • Shaking out or vacuuming outdoor rugs.
  • Cleaning appliances such as the pizza oven or barbecue.

When doing weekly garden maintenance, don’t forget to sweep up the leaves, mow the lawn and trim the flower beds surrounding your outdoor living space. Sprucing up the garden helps to create a restful and tidy ambience throughout your whole property, so you’ll feel more inspired to use and maintain that area. 

2. Clean Windows and Outdoor Blinds Every Month

If your outdoor entertainment space is the patio or deck leading out from your interior living spaces, you likely have windows and glass doors that need to be kept clean monthly. You might have to step up the window cleaning to every two weeks in windy, drier months when the dirt settles faster on the windowpanes. 

If you have installed outdoor blinds, these need to be kept clean regularly so they look neat at all times. Washing them down with a hose and gentle detergent will help keep them looking spick and span throughout the year PLUS help you enjoy the view!

Remember: monthly cleaning of outdoor blinds will maintain their lifespan, giving you more value for your investment. 

3. Install Outdoor Blinds to Keep the Dirt Out

Installing outdoor blinds has many benefits which include:

  • Shade on hot and sunny days.
  • Protection from harsh UV rays.
  • Shielding you and your guests from unpleasant weather conditions.
  • The increased resale value of your property.

Having outside blinds has the added advantage of keeping your exterior living space clean during all seasons. Keeping the blinds down when the wind blows prevents debris and dirt from flying and during rainy seasons you don’t need to stress about wet spots and mould taking over.

Outside blinds can even stop bugs from taking up residence in your outdoor furniture, barbecue, or pizza oven! That means fewer cleaning tasks in the long run. 

4. Maintain Wooden Furniture and Decks Regularly

Wooden outdoor furniture should be made with quality, durable materials to prevent it from deteriorating quickly because of weather exposure. Frequent inspections should be performed to ensure insects aren’t drilling into them to lay eggs. Giving the furniture a fresh coat of varnish annually also helps to protect them and keep them looking brand new.

Bi-annual maintenance of outdoor wooden decks is essential to help them withstand the elements. Pollen and dust can settle and create sticky layers on your deck surface – a monthly power wash will help to remove such contaminants, so you don’t have a huge task on your hands once summer comes.

Annual resealing of your wooden deck can protect it from sun fade while regular inspections will ensure you stop problems such as wood rot from getting out of hand. 

5. Use Weather-Resistant Covers

Outdoor furniture and appliances are more exposed to weather elements, critters and dirt. Covering them with weather-resistant covers protects your furniture from:

  • Sun fade
  • Mould and mildew
  • Wood rot
  • Pest damage
  • Accumulation of dirt

The covers make it easier to clean your furniture as well – all you have to do is remove them, give the chairs and tables a quick flick with a duster and you’re good to go! Weather-resistant covers give added protection to your expensive outdoor appliances, keeping them in good working order for when you’re ready to use them come summer. 

Final Tips

Watering and trimming your plants in pots keeps them lush and happy, enhancing the appearance of a well-kept outdoor living space. Removing clutter, upgrading to Ziptrak blinds Melbourne homeowners love and using comfy furniture will create a welcoming and clean atmosphere. Then, scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance, as stipulated above, ensures your outdoor spot is always in good nick.

It pays to keep your outdoor living space neat and clean ALL the time. You can now host your guests with pride as they enjoy spending time with you and your family in your well-kept outside entertainment space. 

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