“We will hang Hindus in front of temples and burn them alive” echoed at a rally organized by Muslim youth league in secular Kerala

The atmosphere is becoming intensely political for the opposition parties to commence their campaigns for 2024 elections, preparing themselves to denigrate the modi govt with their hidden folks in media and Bollywood. As a result, now if anything wrong happens only in the states where Bjp is in power, the entire fraternity pounces on that topic and starts chanting their definitions of morality, but the irony guffaws whenever they target only Bjp govts over law and order and other issues which even they never pay attention to in those states where Bjp couldn’t defeat them such as Bengal and southern states. I always wondered how sheer audacity looked like, until I saw chief minister of west Bengal highlighting violence happening in Manipur. It is uncontrollably ridiculous because this topic is totally not suitable for Mamata Banerjee as entire country has the reminisces of the plight of people during the elections in Bengal. Women are harassed, rival candidates are brutally murdered, ballot boxes are stolen, and political terror terrifies people every time her party feels nervous for defeat.  

Manipur is currently a new arena for the parties to polish the almost finished careers of those leaders whose credibility is lost along ago. In order to berate Pm Modi for politically motivated violence in Manipur, the opposition parties have concocted their maneuvers to highlight this violence and expressed their compassion for the people of Manipur, whereas same violence is seen in Bengal, Rajasthan and Kerala where hatred against Hindus was orchestrated shamelessly by the allies of these opposition parties. Currently, any protest against the govt ends up insulting and threatening Hindus. The newly created alliance of the opposition is fixated on highlighting incidents coming up in news only from Bjp ruling stares to attack Modi.   

Inspired by these parties, in Kerala, Congress’s ally Muslim youth league organized a rally against the violence happening in Manipur to protest against the Modi govt where its members maliciously orchestrated their unfathomable hatred for Hindus. They sloganeered, “We will hang Hindus in front of the temples, and burn them alive”. It echoed in secular Kerala where anti Hindu slogans are never labelled hate speech, nor did it bother secular and liberal lobbies who are privileged to get offended whenever a Hindu discloses this hidden hate for Hindus flourishing rapidly in these radical groups and communities they influence. It is utterly sickening to see that such hate speech never bothers anyone who are always elated to present these radicals as a scared community in India. Who is spreading hate and intolerance now? A question without an answer.  

They organized this controversial protest in solidarity with Manipur victims who were paraded naked by scoundrels. Without having any sense of shame, their tongues showed what these political parties try to hide under their definition of secularism which allows this against Hindus. The main accused of this heinous crime in Manipur came out to be a Muslim, still Hindus had to be blamed, abused and threatened by these radicals. In India, anything even expressing a concern over rapidly spreading jihad syndrome in this country can fetch a epithet hate monger, but Muslims threatening to kill Hindus at a rally specially in Kerala doesn’t make them hate mongers, it is a pernicious side effect of secularism interpreted by liberals.  

What happened in Manipur was so unfortunate and heinous, and it quickly became a news in entire country, however what happened in Bengal and Rajasthan, was not even discussed by any politician whose heart was wrenched by Manipur violence. It’s probably because the opposition has accepted that their compassion is sold out, it’s only for politicizing the matter to attack only Bjp govt, while veneering the violence happening in their own states. When a Tmc leader was asked as to why they are only talking about Manipur whereas Bengal is witnessing more violence against women, she shamelessly answered that it’s preposterous to focus on violence in non Bjp states, the focus must be only on Bjp states in order to dethrone Modi over such issues. It explicitly explained why all incidents in other states die down without any media coverage, as now this alliance is hiding their own bloody hands which come out to point at others. That’s the reason why no politician has even condemned what Muslim league sloganeered against Hindus. For their vote bank is more important than anything, and they know their hypocrisy is always brought by Hindus who have been fed secularism that muzzles their dissenting voices against this malice seen in Kerala.  

Their vociferous mouths of politicians who yell at Hindus for celebrating their festivals during Ramadan,  and blame them for any violence created by islamic radicals, are silent as if they enjoy such slogans against Hindus. Moreover, as per their perspective, these slogans can’t be deemed hate speech as Muslims chanted it, that too in the most secular state Kerala presented by liberals, and politicians where secularism allows cow slaughtering, and let beef pervade the streets, enhancing the secular ambience of Kerala where hatred against Hindus is allowed in the name of protests, where insulting Hindu deities at a rally is a fundamental right, however opposing these things done by Muslims is considered islamophobia because it goes against the idea of secular Kerala perceived by liberals and their political masters. Therefore, in India Hindus calling for economical boycott of jihadis is labeled hate speech, but Muslims butchering Hindu girls for jihad is just a crime. Where a Hindu saint asking Hindus to be a unapologetic Hindu and kick out secularism is portrayed as a hate monger, but a Maulvi asking Muslims to kill Kafirs is a fundamental right.  

At this juncture, we can understand that secularism is just a layer of lies over a pit of rabid radicalism thriving underneath  that oozes out oftentimes through these political groups at anti Hindu rallies. It is apparent that Kerala has became a fountainhead of pernicious radicalism which we often see in such protests by radical groups that are politically labeled secular by their allies like Congress.  

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