Irony is Indian liberal’s pets are afraid of Holi colorful water and Diwali crackers, contrarily they are comfortable with seeing bloody streets and relish mutton on Eid

India is unfortunately having the worst kind of woke illness that targets Hindu festivals to run their hypocritical business of activism. Liberals and seculars who are addicted to their unfathomable bigotry, have penchant for killing joy of Hindu community on their festivals by ballyhooing their fake humanity narratives for animals. On Diwali, their campaigns are done for spreading a false notion as to how crackers are dangerous for the environment and they scare innocent animals and harm us, although crackers are not dangerous when liberal actresses enjoy fireworks on their weddings. Crackers causes difficulty for asthmatic people only on Diwali. Which explicitly indicates deliberate malice behind these lies hidden in campaigns by liberal lobbies. As for them, it’s better to kill and eat animals than letting them live. While on Holi, they get immensely worried about water, and denigrate Hindus by saying its not a women friendly festival concocting heinous stories about it. However, this sordid activism is limited to Hindu festivals, do you wonder why such activism continues to besmirch Hindus and diminishes fervor of Hindu festivals? It’s because Hindu community is too tolerant to oppose such nonsense which is hardly entertained by other communities in India, which is why no liberal campaign is done during Christmas and Eid.  

For years, Hindu community fell for such snares that were weaved to brainwash youngsters and ingrain a fabricated sense of guilt in them in order to succeed in their mission of tarnishing Hindu culture and breed interest for other religions. However, ever since such malicious intentions were slowly unmasked by Hindus who unlearned the sickening version of secularism and liberalism, these attempts by liberals and woke journalists face criticism and retaliation now. What’s really shocking is, it took us years to decipher malevolence behind these liberal bigotry only on our festivals.  

Hypocrisy behind it – 

A question we must ask ourselves why liberals are excited to preach us humanity, followers of a religion that teaches us to worship trees, revere mountains, rivers, and treat animals like family. Despite being so eco friendly and amiable community, how come these hypocrites dare teach us humanity on our festivals when no animal is harmed during celebration. The real intention behind this hypocrisy is a deeply implanted leftist propensity to tarnish the Hindu culture.  

Crackers can unquestionably be harmful for the nature but if they are dangerous only on Diwali, that’s a real form of stinking hypocrisy. If water is wasted on Holi, then why liberals don’t ask when millions of trees are cut down on Christmas. It’s because these excruciatingly malicious activists are fed to spew venom against Hindus by their hidden sources of income. Pets of these liberals feel unimaginably scared on Diwali due to crackers, on the other hand, same pets enjoy watching streets filled with blood of slaughtered animals on Eid where their masters relish mutton, specially beef to satiate an urge of insulting and instigating Hindus by posting pictures of cows being beheaded by Muslims.  

Liberals find Holi colorful water scary not street filled with blood– 

Recently, in Maharashtra a Muslim couple living a society brought goats inside their flat for slaughtering on Eid. Hindus living in the society opposed it as even the high court has ordered to forbid slaughtering in the residential society. The couple started to abuse Hindus and misbehaved with residents, following the prevalent chronology. They were slyly abetting Hindus to thrash them for their profanity, so that all the jihadi sitting in the media could paint them victims and distort the entire story and vilify Hindus labelling it an attack on Muslim rights. However, their plan failed badly, Hindu community took legal action instead. It is a famous strategy used by radical Muslims whenever their sordid actions are exposed. In order to evade punishment, they cleverly try to portray themselves as victims if they are retaliated by people. Meanwhile, liberals yell against people who oppose their actions, and justify all the wrong doings.  

In India, the chanting of Shri Ram is considered instigating for Muslims, but goat slaughtering in a society is deemed appropriate by liberals. Where Holi celebration is labelled a harassment, but forcing non Muslims to see blood filled streets is unquestionably a Muslim right. All the children of Hindu families who never experience seeing animal slaughter, are coerced to see it in their own colonies where Muslims live. And the irony is, liberals who become intense animal lovers on Hindu festivals, shamelessly love to join Eid celebration and relish non veg foods. Although everyone has a right to enjoy their festivals the way they want, therefore they don’t have right to teach us how to celebrate ours.  

Since the retaliation has begun, the whole liberal faction is edgy to experience their own stupidity on secular festivals like Eid. So now they are brazenly venting their unwanted rage over Hindus, calling themselves Hindus although accidental and occasional, non vegetarians just to justify the horrible killings of animals on Eid. It hardly means that their activism is clement on these festivals, however the truth is, they reminisce the time when their activism got them thrashed by Muslims whenever they tried to run their biased campaigns for showing their false animal love on Muslim festivals. Therefore, the most corrupt organization Peta seems too terrified to even tweet against animal killings on Eid. All these liberals who were seen rejoicing Eid, are the most hypocritical insects in India. According to them, Hindus celebrating their festivals can be instigation for Muslims, so it must be stopped, but it’s a right for Muslims to do whatever they want on their festivals. Hindus practicing their fundamental rights, is a threat to minority, so it is islamophobia, and Muslims being opposed by Hindus for any objectionable thing is also islamophobia, ironically talking about these things is definitely more islamophobic. That’s the bigotry the liberal lobbies possess. However now they are unbelievably uncomfortable to see how their filthy intentions are met with adequate actions by Hindu community that remained a prey of their malice for decades., thankfully not anymore. Communities are divided by these liberals whose activism targets a particular community so in retaliation, the other community that secretly enjoys this bigotry, is also targeted and then the ruckus and hatred begets.  

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