Embrace Originality: 7 Stellar Strategies to Avoid Being a Cliché in Your Article Writing

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Have you ever clicked away from an article because it felt like something you’ve read a million times before? It’s a common experience for many readers who are continually seeking fresh, original content. If you’re an aspiring writer or a seasoned wordsmith looking to avoid clichés and create compelling, unique pieces, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will delve into seven top-notch strategies to help you steer clear of the cliché trap in your writing.

1: Identify and Understand Clichés

First off, you can’t avoid clichés if you don’t know what they are. These overused phrases, ideas, or elements lose their impact over time due to their repetitiveness. “Avoiding clichés like the plague” is, ironically, a cliché itself! Familiarize yourself with common clichés in your genre or field, and make a conscious effort to steer clear of them.

2: Develop Your Unique Voice

Developing a unique voice is an effective antidote to clichéd writing. Your voice is a blend of your personality, your perspectives, and the way you structure your sentences. By honing your voice, you can differentiate your content and offer a refreshing read to your audience.

3: Use Authentic Experiences

Using personal experiences or observations can add depth to your writing, making it more engaging and relatable. Instead of falling back on tired phrases or ideas, tap into your reservoir of experiences to bring authenticity to your content.

4: Be Specific

Another great way to avoid clichés is to be specific in your descriptions and narratives. Vague or general statements are often where clichés creep in. By being detailed, you make your content richer and more interesting, further engaging your readers.

5: Encourage Creativity

Pushing your creativity can help you sidestep clichés. Instead of relying on the first phrase or idea that comes to mind, take some time to brainstorm alternatives. The more creative you get, the further you move away from being clichéd.

6: Revise and Edit

Every piece of writing needs revising and editing. Use this stage to weed out any clichés that might have slipped in. It’s often during the editing process that you’ll find opportunities to replace overused phrases with more original ones.

7: Get Feedback

Feedback can be instrumental in identifying clichés in your work. Consider having someone else read your content. An outside perspective can often spot clichés that you might have overlooked.


To wrap up, avoiding clichés in your writing is about stepping out of the comfort zone, challenging the norm, and striving for originality. Remember, every great writer was once a beginner who dared to experiment and break free from the cliché chains. Let your writing be the reflection of your unique perspective, and keep your readers coming back for more original, engaging content.

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