Why Gender Reveal Cannons are Still Relevant in 2023!

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Gender Reveal Cannons have been around for quite some time, yet they still remain relevant and popular in 2023. But why is that? In this blog post, we will dive into the world of Gender Reveal Cannons and explore what makes them so special. 

We will discuss the different types of cannons available in the market today, such as confetti and powder/smoke cannons. Additionally, we will also highlight the benefits of using a Gender Reveal Cannon to make your announcement extra special and memorable.

We will also look into how they can be used to make some excellent social media content that will wow all of your followers online. Gender Reveals don’t have to be boring and we can tell you why that certainly won’t be the case with your big reveal if you use a Gender Reveal Cannon. 

So whether you’re planning a gender reveal party or just want to add a unique touch to your announcement, keep reading to find out why Gender Reveal Cannons are still relevant in 2023!

Why Gender Reveal Cannons?

Gender reveal cannons are popular for their ability to add a thrilling surprise factor to pregnancy announcements. The use of vibrant powder or confetti also provides a visually appealing element that can be captured in photos and videos, making the announcement more memorable.

Gender Reveal Cannons can be any colour you like so they can be used just to compliment a party or baby shower without the need to stick rigidly to blue or pink! They also provide a memorable moment on social media for any photos or videos you may wish to take and immortalise the moment you discovered your baby’s gender forever as a keepsake.

Types of Gender Reveal Cannons

Gender reveal cannons create excitement at baby showers with pink or blue confetti, bangs, and cannon shooters.

Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons usually come packed with pink or blue confetti (and a little sticker on the bottom to let you know which when purchasing) and let it out into the air once you twist the bottom. Confetti has always been a great way of announcing anything with a bang so these cannons are obviously very popular for Gender Reveals.

Powder/Smoke Cannons

Powder/Smoke Cannons work in a similar way to Confetti Cannons except the confetti is replaced with pink, blue or any other coloured powder that bursts into the air when released. These are also incredibly popular on social media as they give the illusion of a puff of smoke which adds to the mystery of the reveal.

The Benefits of Using a Gender Reveal Cannon

In these days of social media, everybody wants to make a big, grand announcement that leaves a lasting impression. Gender Reveal Cannons do just that, whether it’s with a burst of confetti or a blast of smoke, people will remember your Gender Reveal if you use a cannon.

They’re environmentally friendly (providing you clean up the confetti) and the powder and confetti are biodegradable which is key these days as we all need to look after the environment!

They are always the biggest attraction at a Gender Reveal Party but also they can be used without the need for an entire party just for you and your family to enjoy in the garden.

They provide an amazing backdrop and moment for you to capture on video or in a photograph that you can look back on forever and show your unborn child one day when they’re older. As well as creating some amazing social media content.


Gender reveal cannons are still a popular choice for parents-to-be, and for good reason. They add an element of surprise and excitement to the gender reveal party that cannot be matched by any other means. 

Whether you choose confetti or powder/smoke cannons, you can create a memorable moment with your loved ones that will be cherished forever. 

These cannons offer a unique way to announce the gender of your baby while also adding a fun and festive touch to the occasion. 

If you’re planning a gender reveal party in 2023, don’t overlook the fun and excitement that comes with using a gender reveal cannon. 

Find out more about the different types of gender reveal cannons available and their benefits by exploring our website.

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