Threatening to toss medals in the Ganga can’t coerce the constitution to believe in the whimsical fracas of the wrestlers

It is a tale of time that shows how the change was brought in India where once athletes were given no importance and support let alone exhorting them to win medals for the country. Congress government was busy shocking the country with new scams and controversies, Indian athletes were always neglected. Despite the odds, and paucity of financial and mental support by the government, many great athletes engraved their identity in the annals of history, and brought the accolades, strengthening the spirit of pride in every single Indian. From that era of negligence and scams to this era where athletes are immensely encouraged and supported in every possible way by the leader of the ruling party, everything proves that’s categorically the golden era of Indian sports.

Today, Athletes get ample of respect, wealth, and jobs for their contribution to the country,let’s not forget the time when athletes even after winning Olympic medals were treated inadequately by the leaders of Congress party, they had to pose like mannequins with medals standing behind the seated politicians to get rewards, whereas now the prime minister himself congratulates, and celebrates the victory, inviting them for a soiree and cordially interact with them. Moreover, the Pm even consoles the defeated athletes in order to safeguard their spirit.

This new dawn which we have witnessed, happened when Modi became Prime Minister and resuscitated Indian sports to compete the developed countries in this field as well. And rectified the congressional error by renaming Khel ratna after Major Dhayan chand. India that used to fixate only on cricket, learnt to clap for wrestlers, boxers and shooters who participates in Olympic games, even if they fail to bring any medal. This spirit was strongly awakened by Modi and his ministers who relentlessly worked for the athletes and proffered everything they required. Consequently, what India did in Tokyo Olympic Games, was outstandingly incredible. All athletes gave their best and brought medals including gold which India coveted for decades.

We must admit that winning a medal is not just about an athlete and his hard work, it is also about people who supported and provided everything he needed. India learnt to stand and applause the athletes, however, now a few of them are indecently protesting and besmirching the same government that selflessly helped them reach their goals. The political injection is the reason why some athletes have forgotten that it’s only they who can bring medals, but what they are unable to remember is, many before them won medals and many will snatch more medals after them.

Currently, Delhi is as usual in a pit of drama, and chaos as Indian wrestlers Sakshi Malik, Bajrang Punia, Vinesh Phogat and their ilk have accused the chief of the wrestling federation of India Brij Bhusan sharan Singh of sexual harassment, what is more shocking, is they gave such statements without any appropriate and relevant evidence against the chief so far.

The constitution is undeniably equal for each and every person, irrespective of their gender, age, religion and identity, however it demands pertinent information and evidence to arrest the accused. It is never going to believe one’s whimsical statements over their disappointment for a certain new rules for the wrestlers made by the chief. Brij Bhusan, a Bjp MP is the same face of wrestling federation with whom all the accusing female wrestlers happily posed for memorable pictures and posted, alluding him to be an inspiration and idol whenever they won any medal or attended the events. However, things are drastically changed now, same wrestlers who were elated to praise the support they received from the chief, are accusing him of sexually harassing female wrestlers. First they claimed he sexually exploited them during their trips to participate in championship and Olympic. Their allegations created sudden and impulsive ripples in the country because the athletes who we clap for when they win medals for the country, are making such statements, it automatically makes the matter decidedly sensitive which is why the government is currently handling the matter very sensitively.

Amidst the controversy and allegations, the chief has given an interview, elucidating everything clearly and refuted all allegations with logic. This is where the matter became more complicated and confusing, creating a thin but efficient line of doubt over the allegations. In any high profile case, it is important to expect sensitivity and proper investigation. The whims of athletes can never be an evidence against anyone, and expecting sudden action regarding this matter is absolutely insane. Their demands are continually elevating, creating rumpus in the country by protesting with Andolanzeevi who are permanently prepared to add Kerosene in any matter by cheating Azaadi Azaadi. That has smeared their protest outright.

The center government has attempted to calm the matter by promising clean, unbiased investigation to the wrestlers and also urged sporting legends like PT Usha and Mary Kom to persuade them. However, what happened to PT Usha in the protest, was distinctly despicable to understand the intentions of people behind this protest. She was heckled and pushed, the protesters mistreated and yelled at her, that was purely indecorous and unacceptable. The wrestlers who are purporting to protest against the injustice, have forgotten that before they became wrestlers and won medals, it was PT Usha who ignited the spirit for the sportin India and work endlessly to strengthen it unabated.

In this matter of protests, it is very easy to detect discernible political influence which can be seen in the fluctuating statements by wrestlers. The chief has stated that he is ready for any kind of investigation even a Narco test to prove his innocence, but the wrestlers demanded Pocso act against him to sexually exploit a minor, again without any evidence. They don’t want investigation, they want Narco test, all they want, is arrest the chief considering their statements as the evidence. Which is ridiculous. Sharing stage with politicians and people who make anti Hindu and anti national statements and then demand something so whimsical and insane, exposes their downright malicious intention.

The minor girl they claimed to be sexually molested, is not even a minor as claimed by her uncle who debunked all the allegations against the chief, stating that the girl was promised a govt job to accuse Brij Bhusan, and elaborated why the wrestlers are just frustrated and creating furor due to new rule in wrestling where all wrestlers including who won medals, have to play in national games and then they can participate in Olympic. Their Demand of arresting the chief is not normal, because arresting a respected, influential leader of a ruling party without proper investigation and evidence is not going to happen just because some haughty wrestlers who threaten to throw their medals in Ganga, demand it. Their deliberate ruckus during the inauguration of new parliament showed the country why their drama is worth laughing at, as their misbehavior with PT Usha, and then female cops is enough to see what they are up-to. The fictional ordeal they create to disseminate in the media is exposed when their smiling selfies go viral after the protest. Their tantrums, frustration, drama won’t fetch anything until they demand investigation, and disclose the evidence about their allegations against the chief.

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