The parliament adorned like a dawn is a quintessential identity of new India

An euphony of musical instruments accompanied with Vedic mantra being recited rhythmically inside the parliament premises,created an exquisitely pleasurable melody eliciting a deep, surreal feeling of joy within all Indians. The statues of fiery lions denoting endless power stood atop the newlyconstructed parliament building with glory. Every part of the place was unfathomably filled with immaculate vibes, when all religious chanting echoed mellifluously inthe premises. Meanwhile, the Prime minister bowed to the pious Sengol, asymbol of transferof power once received by Nehru, handed over by a monk which has been a prominent part of the forgotten history.

It is for the first time in Indian history when a prime minister unbiasedly paid obeisance and reverence to a Hindu significance, that too without any worry about secularism that had dragooned first minister Nehru to ignore Sengol and gave freedom to bigot historians to portray it as his walking stick. Just because the newly secular India was too secular to respect Hindu tradition. Time has gone. India saw that epoch of discrimination and pseudo secularism, and is now witnessing new era where Hindu culture is not avoided to look more secular in the eyes of biased intellectuals who get infuriated whenever it is practiced specially by a supreme leader of the nation.

PM Modi holding the Sengol with his both hands accompanied with Loksabha Speaker walking inside the parliament along with the monks dressed in red clothes having big hair lockswhile chanting Vedic mantras in unison. The glimpse of joy was in being privileged to witness this mesmerizing scene of the parliament. Everything looked unbelievably divine brimming with unending energy emanating from the building the moment Modi placed Sengol at the parliament near the chairof Loksabha Speaker and gave it the reverence it was deniedin 1947 by Congress.

The new parliament enchantingly resembled a new dawn lavishly decked as the interior of Loksabha is inspired by the beauty of National bird peacock. Thecarvings like peacock featherscaptivatingly adorned the false ceilings. The intricately weaved green carpet from Uttar Pradesh, effusing profuse calmness and elegance we adore to see in peacock. Mostly all the states of India contributed in the beautification of the parliament. Beautiful carpets came from Uttar Pradesh, whereas bamboo flooring acquired from Tripuraand stone carvings from Rajasthan. It is now an embodiment of India’s diverse culture which our generations are endowed to see.

Amidst this celebration of pride, beauty and joy, there was an ugly side of Indian politics that tried to tarnish this. Opposition parties boycotted the inauguration of new parliament for their unbridled hate and exasperation for being unable to see India leaving the colonial symbols. Despite political differences which is absolutely a part of democracy, many opposition parties participated and urged others to celebrate this. TMC, AAP and Congress behaved so childishly, targeting Pm hatefully. Some even juxtaposed parliament building with a coffin due to a malice for PM. They remained obdurate like kids and refused to engage in this historic event. However, it is understandable that it’s not this easy for the leaders who are known for communal riots, hooliganism and scams to involve in something democratic.

New parliament vexed them, the Sengol placed in parliament exasperated them, Vedic mantras infuriated them, and Why PM Modi inaugurated the building riled them. Everything is upsetting the opposition whatever Modi is doing, is a root cause of their frustration and anger. Ironically, these parties have the audacity to call themselves the soldiers of democracy, ignoring the fact that it’s they who are known for injured democracy wherever they rule. These self-declared soldiers of democracy couldn’t show any iota of being democratic. For, they hardly care about democracy or constitution, what they prioritize now, is a dream to defeat Modi for power.

The unfading alacrity has been increasing regularly ever since the Prime Minister Modi announced hisdream project of constructing new parliament of India to free our nation from the last colonial symbol of slavery in order to revive the sense of actual liberty and pride in every single citizen who has ever been shut down by a certain deracinated faction bragging what made and did for India. Now, this awkward feeling of being reluctantly thankful to the British for making buildings by looting our country for centuries. That’s the sense of risible gratitude engraved in us by our ridiculous historians whose pens were nothing but slaves of the British, and a pernicious ideology that refuses to appreciate India.That feeling has waned the moment the roaring lions in Ashok Chakra put atop the new parliament building whose roars soared so high that all the people who were mentally slave to believe in the smiling lions, were offended to see them, roaring with their mouths open. Ironically, after the installation we realized that even the basic knowledge of animals were not a part of the wisdom of our intellectuals.

It is funny how Congress party changed the nature of a lion, however, it’s definitely a big task for Congress to see the aggressive lions, as they have ruled India with a reticent Prime Minister for a decade. Which is probably why they were cowering with inferiorfeelings witnessing such a new beginning towards India’s glory. Opposition parties quivering with frustration over Bjp, created oodles of nuisances since beginning, some said why waste money on new parliament, some said there was poverty in India which must be ended first, some just wailed like usual because new things make them uncomfortable. Political parties have this insecurity that they experience sheer upheaval within them whenever someone actually tries to do what he promised in elections. As a result, failing to find any other reason to rancorously target the government, they started to question why the government chose to install aggressive lions instead of the smiling ones. How ridiculous!! But now that era of smiling lions is over. The lions roar now, and Sengol stands in the parliament. Whoever gets infuriated by all this, must learn to get used to it because new India doesn’t entertain undemocratic insanity of the opposition parties.

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