Silhouettes of terror: Muslims thrashed Hindu boy and coerced him to convert to Islam, making him bark like dog in Bhopal, NSA invoked, demolition of their illegal houses began

All the notions about Islamic brotherhood are debunked everyday when such news of hinduphobic radicals are highlighted. There is absolutely no such thing like scared Muslims in India if we meticulously observe what’s happening against Hindu community behind these blatant lies such as there is brotherhood in both communities, and Muslims are feeling scared in India. Political parties propagate these myths,  deceive Hindus and strengthen such Islamic extremists behind the curtains. That’s why so called scared minority is fearless to coax and murder Hindu girls in the name of love jihad, they are now satiating their Islamic urges to humiliate Hindu boys, and still their actions don’t embarrass their community. This is pervasive hatred deeply engraved in radicals for Hindus which seldom oozes out whenever their Islamic sense of superiority over Hindus hijacks their brains filled with enmity.  

A Hindu boy terrified surrounded by scary, abusive radical Muslims was thrashed on a road in Bhopal MP, and forced to comply whatever Islamic goons had asked him to say. They put a belt around his neck, and made him pose like a dog on the road and bark on their behest. All goons involved in this heinous crime were heard laughing and hurling clannish abuses on Hindu boy, coercing him to call them his fathers and maliciously threatened to rape his mother and sisters. This fearlessness in the voice of jihadis is a testament of that sickness which is routinely pampered by political parties by labelling these hinduphobic goons as scared minority in India under Modi. Ironically, which kind of freedom political parties want for Muslims in India, the kind that allows them to behave as they own India where they can burn the cities, threaten to kill Hindus and rape their women, and then loot their properties like they did in Kashmir. If that’s their version of freedom Indian Muslims deserve, then they must know that’s Hindustan, not Pakistan and Afghanistan where Hindu minority is tormented daily and their girls are fearlessly abducted, raped and married to oldies because their screams are not heard by the world that preaches human rights but only for Muslims.  

His helplessness in front of those blood thirsty radicals was seen in the viral video in which he looked extremely petrified and was heard beseeching fearfully to the goons, standing on his knees and hands on the ground like a dog because Muslims who are regularly labeled as scared community in India, were not scared to face the consequences of this inhumane crime they were brazenly committing. In FIR, after the video went viral on social media, the Hindu boy named Vijay claimed that it was not only about him being beaten and forced to bark like a dog by those Muslims, he also claimed that they were forcring him to convert to Islam or they would rape his mother and sisters. He further stated that they would have killed him, had I protested them or refused to comply with them during that despicable humiliation. Now it is our responsibility to imagine a country where the scared minority doesn’t fear to force Hindus to convert at gun point and without any qualm they even threaten to rape their women and still they are constantly considered to be scared in this country. Sadly, we are fed these lies by politicians and liberals who are uncontrollably addicted to Islamic laps.  

This is the true form of secularism in India where a news o a Muslim thief punished by locals, created ripples in media, claiming islamophobia behind it, and all the politicians and liberals rushed to call it an attack on minority, and hatefully targeted Hindu community. Whereas, now the same minority has done this, and none of them are bothered at all as if it is publically accepted as Muslims are not the victim. News becomes important only when Muslims are victims, or made victims for the news.  

Like usual, it is preposterous to expect any outrage from liberals because they activism is fixated on pseudo secularism and hypocrisy. However, it is interesting and satisfying to see the ruling party Bjp taking noticeably strict actions against such elements whose hate is nourished by other political parties having special affinity for such crimes against Hindus. Bjp government in Madhya Pradesh ordered immediate action in this matter, and police instantly arrested all Muslims involved in this case. Government has pledged to spread a coherent message across the state by teaching these elements an unforgettable lesson which their at least four generations won’t be able to forget. Moreover, the government seemed so adamant to instill a fear in such people who are secretly harvesting hate for Hindus in the shelter provided by their political masters. Police has arrested and started to bulldoze the illegal houses of the criminals, directly showing the consequences to these elements of what they did. Malevolence for Hindus thriving in illegal houses deserves to be eradicated. Nobody is going to be spared if religious harmony is disrupted by any community. The quick action in this case is commendable because going through such ordeal is unimaginably horrible, and living with silhouettes of such 4zhorror is undeniably more pathetic.  

That guy has been mentally and emotionally tormented to an extent where suicidal thoughts hijack brain and misguides person. If democracy ensures religious freedom in India, how these radicals can force Hindus to convert or get humiliated just because their influenced Muslims are exceedingly intolerant towards other faiths. The onus is on the government to protect the rights of other communities as vigorously as they do for Muslims and shackle these elements flourishing on hate in order to obliterate such sordid mentality that is seen in this case. So that no Hindu has to go through what Vijay did, and no Muslim can think of doing what these arrested jihadis did. That would be a real, bewitching tapestry of justice in democratic India. It’s time to put an end to the hatred conceived by Islamic impulses that allows radicals to live through Mughal era when Hindus were subjected to discrimination and barbarity. 

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