Shoiab Jamai, a fanatic Islamist known for his uncouthness and provocative statements was heckled and thrashed by a Muslim woman on TV debate

Shoiab Jamai, a self claimed Islamic scholar is currently famous for heated TV debates where Islamic things are discussed. He has a weird penchant for opposing everything and justifying every objectionable things happening in the world specially in India in the name of Islam. He is intrinsically foul-mouthed which we have seen in TV debates where he usually gets abusive and provocative against Hindus. With a sense of privilege of being a Muslim, he orchestrates his audacity to denigrate Hindus. However, whenever the befitting retort is given by other panelists, he shows his Islamic tendency to be intolerant and plays victim. Being a fanatic Muslim, he has an organization for Muslims. His image of being a scholar is tarnished since he started to behave like a uncouth and intolerant person on TV debates. He is basically famous for his unfathomable hate for Modi and Hindus that was highlighted by a journalist where she exposed this jihadi when he was showing a picture on his phone to the camera, and the journalist focused on a picture he mistakenly opened that said ‘ Boycott Ram’. This glimpse of malice and hate in these fanatics for Shri Ram is a reality that debunks the false notions that befools Hindus that there is any kind of brotherhood between Hindu and Muslims.

Secularism through his lens –

On TV shows, he brilliantly tries to show how secular and amiable he is for Hindu community and wants others to fall for his words. Once while debating over a news of Namaz being held at a temple in Bengal, he exceedingly appreciated this step of Hindus and called it the secularism India is known for. His happiness trickled from his eyes landing on his cheeks, but this happiness diminished the moment another panelist asked him to show his secularism by reading Hanuman Chalisa. All his secular itching quickly ebbed away and his face resembled an overcooked biryani that makes everyone retch. Moreover, his silence and evasiveness for giving explicit answer was more pathetic.

Through his lens, only Hindu community is vouched for showing secularism by organizing iftar and Namaz in temples that are attacked and plundered by the same faction of fanatics temples welcome and feed. Such a jihadi tendency is the reason why Hindu community has to pay a lot for their secularism which is hardly appreciated by fanatic Islamists and their mobs. Secularismis not a part of Islam, a religion that strictly prohibits even friendship with Kafirs but converting Hindu girls is allowed. That’s the poison he is promoting vehemently under the façade of pernicious secularism Hindus are in surmountably addicted to.

Radicalism is his buddy–

This Islamist has an uncontrollable tendency to label everything Haram if it doesn’t suit his ideology which demands hypocrisy and radicalism from Muslims. For him, love jihad is a conspiracy theory against Muslims and he openly justifies this jihad of Muslims disguised as Hindu boys coaxing Hindu girls and kill them afterwards when they come to know about their heinous intentions of conversion through love jihad. He brazenly supports jihadists who publicly threaten to kill Hindus who speak against Muslims besmirching Hinduism. This is the reality we Hindus refuse to accept that this is just what they believe in, their brains are filled with hate emanating from their institutions. Moreover, such fanatics are so shameless that they never have any iota of shame on their faces when they audaciously refuse to condemn the Udaipurlynching done by Muslims.

Last year, when hijab matter was scorching Karnataka. Muslim girls demanded to be allowed to wear hijab in schools that sparked controversy across the country. The Muslim sympathizers in politics and media were vehemently elucidating why hijab is the right. This Islamist was urging Muslims to fight for their right, but the irony is, while all the Muslims women in Islamic countries are fighting to get liberty from hijab, forcefully converted Indian Muslims are considering it their right, unaware of gradual radicalism creeping out to devour them like it happened in Iran, and Afghanistan. This issue created communal chaos in the state, when Hindu students also started to wear saffron shawls to protest against the hijab. This Islamist played a role of kerosene and even blurted out his intention to create chaos in Uttar Pradesh in order to harm Bjp in the state elections behind this risible protest. Sadly, he failed to do it.

Everything is Haram –

This Islamist is explicitly so radical that he ends up exposing his Islamic desires. Being a phoney scholar, he suggests Muslims to do what is right, while he promotes only wrongdoings. Recently, in a video he is heard saying Muslims will rule India again if 25 crore Muslims from Pakistan, and Bangladesh join Indian Muslims, there will be a Muslim Prime Minister in India. However, none of lobbies felt any fear or intimidation regarding their hypocritical idea of secularism, as this hate speech doesn’t insinuates them any genocide because whatever was said, was said by a Muslim. And their ballyhooed notion ‘Muslims are scared in India will be debunked if they oppose this. This is absolutely a love speech given by an innocent Islamist wearing makeup he strictly prohibits for Muslim women. Muslims are truly scared that they end up threatening and kill Hindus for their posts supporting other Hindus who dare to speak against instigating jihadist unpleasantries. 

Recently while explaining what is Haram in Islam, he angrily called a Muslim panelistSubuhi khan’s son Haram because she married a Hindu Brahman, this abetting statement infuriated her instantly. She quickly heckled this fanatic Islamist and called him Dariyal Harami. It was obviously instinctive to expect her to get offended as no mother can allow any jihadi to call her son Haram just because his father is considered Kafir by jihadis. Such uncouthness is new low for fanatics like Shoiab Jamai. His frustration over her marrying a Hindu man made him give disparaging remarks against her marriage and son. This led to a quick altercation between both, and Subuhi courageously stood against this jihadi and abused him, saying she would beat up this Harami and his father as to how he called her son Haram (illegitimate). This is sickening to see such radicals on TV debates where they maniacally denigrate other faiths, promote all types of jihad, and speak so maliciously against everyone even Muslims who refuse to believe in their manipulated version of Islam. Hope this time the women commission takes a strict action so that no such radical can speak hatefully on debates and call someone’s son Haram. Ironically, this same radical scholar lauds Muslims and financially assists them to do love jihad to convert Hindu girls, while imposing Islamic laws on Muslim girls. Converting someone forcefully and slyly is not Haram for him, doing halala is so religious, however, a Muslim girl marrying a Hindu man is a Haram.

It is more pernicious than it seems. The crowd these radicals influence is more detrimental than these termites. Even it is the time for Muslim community to understand that these radicals will tarnish their image and present their views through sane people as there is no paucity of Muslims like subuhi khan in their community but the sad part is they are muzzled by these fanatics. It is not only dangerous for Hindu community but also for Muslims.

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