Like Kasab Sahil disguised as Hindu to kill Sakshi and proved love Jihad is a captivity for Hindu girls that has no way out

The Evening in Delhi, where streets glitter resembling a carnival of pearls, pervades the city with enthusiasm and zeal. Even darkness is adored in this city because many crimes require it. The city once known for love, is now witnessing the worst and heinous crimes happening in the name love, and fun. The city where the government pampers the minority, even if they burnt it in riots, or disrupt any religious celebration as hearing Non Islamic chanting in their areas is so instigating as explained by the minority community and their sympathizers sitting in power, and media. Which is why nowgrislycrimes against Hindus mostly in the name of love jihad are unbelievably increasing.

A Dalit minor girl named Sakshiwas going to celebrate her friend’s birthday in Delhi. Herfriend who pretended to be a Hindu wearing rudraksh and kalava to beguile her into believing that he wasn’t a Muslim for love jihad, attacked her on the street. He pushed her towards a wall of a house, standing on the pavement where pedestrians were walking, stabbed her aggressively like a prevalent Islamic maniac, thumping her chest with dagger repeatedly with sheer hate. Blood spurted out of her stomach, back and chest, collapsing on the pavement. The murderer Sahil was too fearless to stop gashing her body. Probably, he was familiar with the fact that no matter what the government and his community would always stand with him, and praise his act. Therefore, his anger for that minor girl made him thrash her body, and then he crushed her head with a stone so mercilessly.

What’s more flabbergasting, is he didn’t do it at any latent place, but on a street heaved with people, who watched him murdering that 16 years old girl so brutally which shuddered the whole country except jihadists and seculars. All the people saw this murder, but none did anything. CCTV cameras showed how heartless, inhumane Delhi has become in recent times where acouple of months ago, a Muslim boyfriend butchered his partner and threw her smithereens outside, now seeing another scared Muslim killing another Hindu girl is probably so normal, or say murdering Hindu girls and boys has been normalized in India. Sadly, their screams fail to reach those who protest wildly when a Muslim thief is thrashed.

This manic murderer Sahil skedaddled to his relative, where he was arrested. No iota of remorse, and fear surfaced on his face, that’s theface of pernicious Islamic tendency. He knew there would be a huge crowd supporting and hailing him for killing Hindu girl publically, moreover he knew not a single liberal can say anything against him, let alone his religion. No government can liken his crime to the teachings of his religion because they know his community won’t spare anyone who speak against his religion. Now, there is certainly no room for any fear for him. On the other hand, a Dalit girl who was barbarically murdered by a disguised Muslim in national capital in front of people, didn’t even receive any condolences from the so-called Dalit leaders who are currently high on opiumknown as Dalit Muslim unity. In her case, even CM of Delhi who doesn’t feel helpless to blame Hinduism in any case in order to canoodle his Muslim voters, is feigning helplessness and blaming the center for this murder.

Many revelations are quite astounding. The family of the victim has disclosed the fact that they didn’t know any Sahil, indicating that she must have been approached and be fooled by Sahil through social media, where he disguised as a Hindu to coax her. Her friend disclosed that Sahil used to wear kalava and rudraksh, but Sakshi came to know his real identity after that she stopped talking to him, which angered him, and thwarted his love jihad snare, however she had paid the price with her live.

This case distinctly transfixes that even befriending these trained jihadists is detrimental for Hindu girls, because once stuck in the snare of Jihad, there is certainly no way out. The most scared minority is so terrified in India that they don’t feel any qualm before committing any crime. Be it killing a Hindu man for chanting jai shri Ram in the street, or attacking Hindu rallies for their saffron flags instigate them. They openly threaten to kill people who speak against what they adhere to, despite their bad words for other religion. This is explicitly the privilege of Muslims in a selectively secular country called India. Where they coax, rape, torment and kill Hindu girls openly, and still remain a part of a scared minority, where they can love Hindu girls and get plaudits from liberals, conversely they kill Hindu boys for loving Muslim girls.

This propensity is harvested in their religious institutions where they are constantly taught that they should target Hindu girls as slyly as they can. Consequently, one after one love jihad cases are being reported from cities, yet a big portion of Hindu community known as liberals, communists, and seculars are not going to accept it. Manygirls are slyly allured into thisjihad, many endure frequent misery and many did everyday asa result of their insane belief that “not all are same” until they arekilled like previous victims. Nevertheless, their murders are not even met with anger from secular groups, becauseit is deemed islamophobic todiscuss the killings of Hindus in this secular nation. Furthermore, rather than feelingashamed, someMuslims were observed applauding and cheering the murderer Sahil for his courage in murdering Sakshi. Yet, Muslims are portrayed as scared community by politicians who are out of power now. Ironically, they disregard the characteristics of radicalism. All they see through their hypocritical lens, is a Muslim being apprehended by the police, but what they refuse to see, is how a Muslim has killed a Hindu girl for refusing to engage in love jihad. Still, none of it bothers them. As their priority is power, not Hindus who are inebriated with secularism, and keep on being preys of Bhaichara and pretends to be blind while seeing such murders by jihadists.

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