How to remove wax from carpets

Removing candle wax is actually a lot easier to remove than most people may think, although it’s an uncommon spillage it happens and can look like you will never be able to remove it from your carpet fibres. Fear not as we have 2 methods that will help you successfully remove Wax quickly and it involves common household items. There is no need for any harsh chemical products that could cause lasting damage to the fibres.

Method one, You will need:

Ice Pack/ Ice Cubes
Rubbing Alcohol
Carpet Cleaner (Of your Choice) Clean Cloths
Butter Knife

  • ●  So you will need to begin by placing the Ice Pack/ Ice Cubes onto the spill for a few minutes, this will freeze the Wax causing it to harden and solidify making it a lot easier to remove than if it was still melted.
  • ●  Once you are certain that it is all frozen, using your butter knife start to scrape the wax up. Make sure to work from the outside in, this stops it from being spread further. Remove as much of the wax as possible in this step, the more you remove in this step the less you will have to deal with in the next step. If you cannot remove much of the wax don’t worry you will be able to try method 2 to help remove the rest of the stubborn wax.
  • ●  Using the Carpet Cleaner (of your choice) spray the area and gently scrub until the remaining wax is removed, if there is a stain that is still present (from any dye that may have been in the wax) apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Once you have applied the Carpet cleaner blot with clean water and a clean rag to absorb as much of the moisture as possible.
  • ●  The final step is to vacuum the area, you will notice that during this method the affected area may now look and feel rough from the cleaning process, vacuuming the area will help to fluff up the carpet fibres and return it to its former texture.Method Two You will need:Brown Paper Bag (NOT Plastic) Iron
    Rubbing Alcohol
    Carpet Cleaner (Of your Choice) Clean ClothsVaccum

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  • ●  Start by placing the Brown Paper bag over the spilt wax, make sure that the entire area is covered. It is important to use a Paper bag as this will help to absorb the wax without the bag actually melting also. Place a Clean Towel under the bag where there is no stain. The bag may move whilst performing step 2 and you don’t want to spread the wax further by mistake.
  • ●  Using your Iron on a low heat (warm) also turns the steam setting off as you do not need steam to complete this Removal process. Slowly run it over the Paper Bag you will notice that the wax begins to absorb into the paper bag. You will need to keep moving the bag so that a clean section is over the stain. Continue ironing over the bag until you get no wax residue on the paper bag.
  • ●  Next apply some Rubbing Alcohol to remove any dye that may have stained the carpets fibres, place a clean cloth over the stain and apply the iron again on low heat. This will absorb any wax or dye that may be left on the Carpet.
  • ●  Just for good measure you can apply some Carpet cleaner to the area. Bloot up once complete with a clean cloth and water.
  • ●  Lastly Vacuum to fluff up the Fibres and you will be left with a clean, fresh smelling carpet.Both of these methods can be performed by anyone, there is no need to contact a professional Carpet Cleaner ( Premium Clean ). It’s so easy that you can do it yourselves and it also is very quick to complete allowing you to get it Cleaned up quickly and get on with the rest of your day.

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