Glimpses of pride: The echoes of Modi- Modi permeated the US Congress when Prime Minister came for the speech.  

The laud serenade of clapping enthralled Prime Minister Modi the moment he entered the US Congress. All the leaders joyously gave standing ovation for Modi and chanted Modi Modi, filling the hall with exceptional enthusiasm and respect for Indian Prime minister. Modi was welcomed by President Biden and first lady at white house and began to talk for strengthening the friendship between two countries. Modi- Modi has been echoing in America ever since Modi landed there. He has met Indian Americans zealously and enraptured them. What a beautiful, invigorating and historic moment for every Indian!  

The White House decked with tricolors welcomed the Indian Prime minister and it looked like a new dawn for both countries in many ways. The violinists and singers crooned songs for Modi, music pervaded entire white house. Both world leaders smiled and posed to send a message to the world that now India stands with America as a friend to work together. However, these smiles made many people uncomfortable and exasperated them. Most of them are sitting uncomfortably in India, trying vigorously to find reasons to calm their anger caused by the scenes directly coming from the White House.  

The USA has organized a state dinner for Modi where top CEOs, and business men joined Modi and lauded Pm for his energetic and outstandingly perspicacious identity related to innovation and development. Leaders in US Congress lined up to meet PM Modi individually with sheer alacrity before he addressed the parliament. Many Indian Prime ministers have addressed at Congress, however Modi’s speech there was utterly historic, for the first time Indian Prime minister received 15 ovations during his address and 50 rounds of applause, filling entire Congress with echoes of modi modi. His overwhelming popularity amongst American leaders was refreshingly amazing to witness when they took shameless selfies and asked for his autograph like fans was something that exuded pride for us to cherish.  

He started his speech saying, “the Foundation of America was inspired by the vision of a nation of equal people throughout your history, you embrace people from around the world and you have made them equal partners in the American Dream..there are millions here who have roots in India. Some of them sit proudly in this chamber”, he paused amid the loud clapping and continued pointing at Vice president kamala Harris, “there is one behind me who made history.” His sense of humor was vehemently appreciated by the leaders sitting inside the US Congress, and gave him standing ovation. 

He further stated that democracy is one of our sacred and shared values. It has evolved over a long time and taken various forms of systems. Throughout history, however, one thing has been clear: democracy is the spirit that supports equality and dignity. Democracy is the idea that welcomes debate and discourse, democracy is a culture that gives wings to thoughts and expression. India has been blessed to have such values since times immemorial. In the evolution of the democratic spirit, India is the mother of democracy.” He explicitly elucidated that leaders who came America and Britain to whine about democracy in order to tarnish India’s image due to their frustration and hatred for Modi. He orchestrated what a real leader looks like and speaks.  

Modi haters began to squirm since he ended in America. All the anti national forces connived with political parties and Islamic journalists to seek sympathy for jailed terrorists like Umar Khalid, showing a distorted image of India to the world, whining over India’s action on terrorism. As terrorism isn’t terrorism if minority is involved. That’s the rule liberals and woke journalists blindly follow. Action on terrorists is labelled as attack on minority, ignoring the facts how these pseudo discriminated Muslims desired to break India and establish Islamic rule in India.  

In order to vent this frustration over Modi, they are rancorously mocking Modi’s English pronunciation to feel temporarily comfort as whatever Modi does, extremely exasperates them. Now he was incredibly welcomed and respected where these elements think is woke government. Modi haters started to spew venom against him, using false narrative of scared minority in India. Meanwhile, former American president Barack Obama stirred a controversy to strengthen this narrative being a messiah for Muslims, although nobody in the whole world destroyed and killed Muslims more than he did, nonetheless he has the audacity to advise a democratic India to protect the rights of minority, while ignoring what is happening with Hindus in Pakistan and Afghanistan. May be, for these woke liberals minority means only Muslims. They claim that in India Muslims have no liberty, still they fearlessly attack Hindus on their festivals, freely insult Prime Minister and lie about the country. If that’s not freedom, I don’t know what is.  

Frustrated politicians, journalists and accidental but venomous actors mocked Modi’s English, showing a symptom of colonial slavery which is still in their minds that doesn’t allow them to behave well. Being inconsiderate and hateful is now new skill in these lobbies, always trying to find something to laugh at, just to calm their anger for Modi. Appreciating what India is receiving at world stage isn’t enough for these insects because what they only see is Modi, and their hatred stopped seeing India in Indian Prime minister since he snatched power. The visuals from US Congress quickly made these anti modi elements uncomfortable and grumpy because American politicians behaved as if they were Modi fans when they took selfies and eulogized Modi with pictures they posted on twitter.  

Even the speaker of the Congress lined up to take his autograph. Seeing such things happening to Modi instantly triggered these elements. This sheer annoyance in their disdainful tweets gladdened netizens because nothing is more pleasurable than seeing these insect cower with anger and helplessness. However, it is so saddening to see this side of Indians who get upset when India is respected like this, just because they unimaginably abhor a man who is the prime minister of India. And what’s truly satisfying was seeing staunch leftists clap for him at US Congress. He made his haters stand and applaud him. That’s the spirit India loves to see in its Prime Minister.  

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