FiveWays to Survive and Enjoy a multigenerational vacation

Over time, the daily grind can exhaust us, making life mundane. In such a situation, it’s best to take a break. Summer is the ideal time to enjoy arelaxing vacation. What’s best is that you can turn your vacation into the perfect opportunity to spend some multigenerational quality family time. With unlimited things to do for every age group, a destination such as Gatlinburg can be an ideal retreat for the entire family – from your folks to your little ones and even a few cousins.

A multigenerational vacation gives you the opportunity to bond with one another and strengthen your relationships. However, planning a multigenerational vacation can be challenging. With several different members of a family, it can be hard to cater to everyone’s needs and ensure a memorable experience. So, to help you survive and enjoy a multigenerational vacation, here are five tips to remember.

Choose accommodation in advance

After a long day of traveling and exploring, you’ll need a place to relax with your family. However, finding suitable accommodation at the last minute will be challenging, especially during the holiday season. So, it’s best to book accommodation in advance. Moreover,choosing accommodation where everyone can feel comfortable is equally important. Family time is nice, but everyone requires privacy at one point during the vacation. Hence, it’s best to select a spacious accommodation that provides every family member with their personal space.

While space is a primary concern, make sure your accommodation is close to popular attractions, especially if you’re heading off to Gatlinburg, where you wouldn’t want to miss anything, from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to outdoor adventures such as hiking and of course the delicious southern cuisines!

As for the most important meal of the day, several restaurants offer the best breakfast in Gatlinburg, with enough space to host large groups.

Involve everyone

As mentioned earlier, one of the hardest parts of surviving a multigenerational vacation is catering to everyone’s needs. During the vacation, ensuring every family member is enjoying themselves can be confusing and challenging. The main reason behind this issue is that people make the mistake of planning the entire vacation on their own without involving others. As a result, arguments and different opinions arise during the vacation, leading to conflicts and a poor experience for everyone overall. So, the best solution is to involve everyone while planning the vacation.

Communicate with your family members and listen to their ideas and expectations. You can ask every member about their interests and preferences about flights, transportation, attractions, and accommodation. However, it’s still best to have someone in charge of the entire planning process to keep things organized.

Plan suitable activities

There are all sorts of different age groups in a multigenerational vacation. In such a situation, not every family member might enjoy going to an amusement park, while others may not find historical sites attractive. According to a poll, 77% of adults do not prefer going to a theme park. As a result, forcing the entire family to go for every activity can spoil the vacation instead of making it a memorable experience. Therefore, it’s best to plan suitable activities for each individual and make activities optional.

People with similar interests can b plan their own set of activities. Doing so will allow every individual to enjoy the vacation doing what they like best. Dividing activities will also help reduce burnout and exhaustion, which can often ruin a vacation and make it stressful.

Prioritize financial planning

Just like interests and preferences differ, everyone does not necessarily have the same budget. After all, everyone will be expected to experience the vacation doing what they want to do, resulting in different expenditures for each individual. So, to avoid financial constraints and conflicts during the vacation, focus on financial planning beforehand. To do so, you must first consider common costs and how tosplit them between members. For instance, if you will all be paying for accommodation and family meals, make sure to handle payments and the distribution of costs in advance.

You can also have a family member be in charge and collect the funds needed for expenses like accommodation. Most importantly, while creating the budget, keep the costs down for common expenses. Every family member might not be able to afford the same things. It’s better to make some compromises to consider the needs of others for an enjoyable experience for everyone. However, there may be some individual expenditures during a multigenerational vacation as well. To ensure proper financial planning, make sure everyone makes a clear list of their own expenditures, such as activities, to keep them separate.

Capture memories

A multigenerational vacation is an incredibly rare opportunity to bond with your family and have fun. It’s often only after years that people get to relive such experiences.However, while you may not be able to relive those moments as much as you’d expect, you can always look back and reminisce. So, always remember to capture and preserve memorable moments during your multigenerational vacation. Doing so will allow you to remember those moments for years to come. In addition, studies suggest that taking photos can enhance your enjoyment of experiences.

You don’t need to bring expensive and high-tech camera equipment to capture memories. Today’s smartphones are perfectly capable of capturing sufficiently detailed photos. So, all you need to do is have a few people capture photos of memorable moments. At the end of the vacation, you can share the photos around for everyone to remember.


Every once in a while, it’s essential to take a break from your hectic routine and spend some quality time with your family. This holds true for every family member, from the adults who need to press pause on their daily responsibilities to the little ones who’ve been studying and taking exams all year. A multigenerational vacation is the best way for every member, regardless of age, to bond and enjoy together. Such a trip connects you with your extended family and allows you to strengthen relations while having the time of your life. Planning and surviving such a vacation can indeed be challenging. But with the right tips, such as those mentioned above, you can form lifelong memories and enjoy your vacation.

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