8 Steps to Organizing Professional Florida Car Shipping

About a thousand people each day are relocating to the fabulous state of Florida. A big part of the population also prefers to spend winter months at that warm and sunny land.

The state with the longest coastline has a lot to offer to anybody who is visiting for an extended vacation, and offers many advantages to people who decide to live there.

Besides a myriad of beaches, Florida also has a large number of National parks which you could explore. Lifestyle in the city is laid back and carefree.

You might be considering traveling to Florida, or are already planning on relocating there. If that is the case, there are a lot of things you need to take care for. One of them is how to get your car there.

How to Arrange Florida Car Shipping with a Company

Car shipping is one of the most common methods people choose in order to transport their vehicles across many kilometers, when driving would prove too expensive. If you are new to the process it might sound complicated and confusing in the beginning, however, by following a set of steps you will soon understand how easy in fact the organization is.

Here are all the steps that you need to follow when organizing Florida car shipping.

1. How to Choose a Good Company

The process should begin with a careful research and comparison of the auto transport companies. That step might be the most overwhelming in regard to the information you have to process, but if you find a really trustworthy company, everything will go smoothly afterwards.

Make sure the company has the needed licenses and experience, so that you are sure about the safety of your car.

USTrans.com is an auto transport company with years of experience and a high level of expertise in the shipping of numerous sorts of vehicles to all parts of the US.

2. Comparing the Prices

In order to be able to compare prices for Florida car shipping, you should start requesting quotes from different companies based on information you give them, since prices vary according to many factors.

Try to find a reasonable and affordable price, but don’t choose the cheapest option if you want a quality service, fulfilled with skill and expertise. s

3. Discussing the Details

After you have made the choice, you have to contact the company’s team and provide them information about the model and size of your car, as well as its condition, since it affects the estimation of the final cost of the service.

It is important that you have checked the insurance policies of the company. Require insurance coverage, so that if there is any damage from the shipment you won’t have to pay for repairs.

4. Choosing Locations

The shipment between large cities usually is more affordable than shipping in rural areas. Carriers usually follow certain routes, since they are transporting many vehicles at once.

In order to make the extra trip to the specific rural location companies require a higher price. Try to think whether its more convenient for you to pay more but have the car picked up from your door, or drive it to a more common location for car carriers.

5. Additional Options

Most reputable auto transport companies like USTrans.com offer the option for express delivery and tracking notifications. Explore all options offered by the company in order the make the whole process most convenient for you.

In case you have any questions about the procedure, at any time you can contact USTrans.com and your question will be quickly answered with a detailed and professional response.

6. Booking the order

After all the details have been cleared you can book an order with the company and pay for the service. Never trust companies that require payment before signing a contract.

It is important to choose the right time for the order and the pick-up dates. If you are going to Florida from far away it is better to book a few weeks in advance – longer than that is not necessary and it is possible that prices might have changed during that period.

Prior to booking make sure you research the approximate shipping times for certain distances, so that you know in what time period you could expect your vehicle to arrive at the destination.

When booking the order, you will negotiate a date and time in which the carrier is expected to come and pick-up your car. Usually, the company notifies you a few hours or the day before the said date in order to make sure that you will be in place when the carrier arrives.

7. Collecting the Documents

The required documents for Florida car shipping are not too many and do not require a lot of effort in order to collect them. You will need to show your valid ID and driver’s license, as well as a document for the registration, ownership and insurance of the vehicle.

It is advisable to have a copy of your contract with the company, as well as the terms and conditions. That will be helpful in case of any misunderstanding.

8. Preparing the Automobile  

Cleaning your car before shipment might sound a bit unnecessary, but it is helpful for you and in some situations is crucial for avoiding delay of the transportation. Fear or biocontamination might be a reason that your car is stopped at a destination point.

Moreover, when you clean the automobile, you can easily see if there is damage to any of its parts.

An important tip is to take pictures and notes of different parts of your car, so that you can compare them to the vehicle’s condition after it arrives at the destination and see if there is any damage that might have happened during the shipment.

When the carrier arrives, he will also inspect the car’s condition and an inspection report will be signed by both of you before he can pick up the car. After that you only have to take the vehicle from the final location when it has arrived.

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