6 Reasons Even One-Man-Band Freelancers Are Renting Office Space

people sitting in front of computer monitors

Are you a freelancer or a small business working from home? If so, you may have considered renting an office space. Yes, that does come with a higher cost, as office rentals aren’t always cheap, but they can also offer plenty of benefits. These days, even many one-man-band freelancers are renting offices to use during their work hours. Do you want to learn why? Below you can find out six reasons even freelancers rent offices.

1: It’s Easier to Make Connections

It’s much easier to establish business relationships and foster friendships when travelling to an office daily. On the other hand, staying home means you miss potential connections.

Of course, where you rent impacts the quality of connections. That’s why renting an office space in a big city, such as London, is so desirable. With an office there, you’ll find connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners much easier. Even running into the right person in an elevator can create a brilliant business opportunity! Consider finding offices to rent in London to expand your network and boost your business.

2: For Less Distraction

Many freelancers are renting offices because they can’t handle home distractions. Distractions come in many forms – some people have a family at home, whereas others can’t resist the urge to watch TV or play video games when in their home setting, finding it much easier to focus in a work-only environment. In this case, an office rental makes perfect sense.

3: To Work in a Nice Location

Your home can provide many comforts, but that usually doesn’t involve access to a bustling city. Many freelancers and small business owners have started renting offices due to the desire to be in a more desirable location. Even having access to different cafes, restaurants, and greenery can positively impact your happiness.

4: To Work Alongside Others

Some freelancers – especially those looking to cut costs – have decided to rent an office space with other freelancers. Not only does this make the pursuit cheaper, but it also means they have other people in the room to bounce ideas off. You can’t underestimate the power of company.

5: To Move More

Many freelancers who work from home find that they don’t exercise enough, even if they swear to start using that standing desk they invested in. Renting an office space gives you an excuse to get out of the house, which, in turn, pushes you to move more. Overall, it’s healthier!

6: For a Work-Life Balance

Those who work from home often have a poor work-life balance. Usually, that is because they mix their work life with their home life too much, which is understandable, considering both occur in the same area! That is one of the biggest reasons even one-man-band freelancers have started renting offices; because it means they can adequately separate their personal life from their business. With office space, you will find it easier to switch off ‘work mode’ as soon as you leave the office for the day.

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