We shouldn’t let emptiness emanating from losing love in any form stifle essential excitement for life

In a whirlpool of unbridled emotions, everyone flounders and tries to wade through it in this era of technologies which bring us new people and also leave us in lurch when dependencygets intense. In this modern realm of unpredictable possibilities, we seldom come across new people whose energy becomes so alluring for some reasons, sometimes we find solace in others and sometimes we just get enamored with their gestures which hold significance in our lives. Nowadays there are umpteen ways to explore not only places, and digital world, but also people who feign what they aren’t, as mysteriouspersonality is new attraction factor for this generation.

At this juncture, we are routinely reminded of the myth rapidly spreading in all countries that we are enough for ourselves, we are strong enough to deal with everything. Consequently, the efforts  are made to make people feel weak if they urge to seek help when they feel helpless. Everyone with a sweetest smile roaming around is silently holding his pieces that would shatter after a tight endearing hug. Infact, love is a new graceful disaster happening in the world, slowly filling this generation with unfathomable hopelessness, eventuallysilencing their voice as well as their screams.

At this time, love is being served on dating apps which I believe is somehow helpful for us to find it, as it is apparent now that social life is more visible than real life. Everyone finds people who feel like a solacing hug, who feel like a home, everything beautiful starts to happen in life when our heart finds someone. Their voice invigorates us, filling a sense of ecstasy for which we get ready to sacrifice everything, even ourselves. This love gets intense, and everything begins with their messages and ends with their messages. When someone suddenly becomes a part of your life, you attempt to do your best in every form, working on your personal issues while feeling utmost comfortable with your insecurities and other problems, as there is always a sheen of love grinding on your face. That’s also significant power of love that prods us to perform well in life because someone is there to hold you when you fall. This sense of trust can be called dependency in a practical way, however in a matter of love, practicality doesn’t exist.

At a certain point, life appears unpredictable outright when all practicality, desires, efforts, and even love start to ebb away from our hands. Like an injured soldier we quiver in pain, nevertheless keep on trying to save the relationship with people who matter more than anything, ignoring the fact that in this world, we own nothing, we can’t save anything meant to slip away. In any phase of life, everyone stands hopeless and helpless when everything seems hazy and a mist of gloominess covers our eyes, and climbs down our heart where emptiness sprouts. It is explicitly impossible to sit calmly and think practically about future possibilities. Everything seems blurry and this haziness coerces us to cower in shock and keep scratching the wound of loss.

Running to same people repeatedly to have them in our lives at any cost, we rummage through all the beautiful memories that make our heart stop, thinking about how we can possibly live without them whose voice, smile and presence makes everything beautiful. This loss ignites fire within us, burning our hopes, rending our dreams, and stifling our desires about life. Sometimes losing people feels like being underneath a huge rock, breaths get heavy, heart sprints like an athlete due to anxiety, and tears continuously trickle down.

This is the hardest and strangest situation in which one feels like a pulverized player whose confidence shattered at the crucial moment. One screams helplessly within, while outside he stays still like a breathing corpse. One loses gradually himself in this eddy of realizing the loss of love. This nourishes emptiness which slowly murders excitement for life. One just lives silently chained to these senses of guilt, regrets emanating from the loss. This is unequivocally human nature when we lose what we coveted for long, we solely blame ourselves, snubbing us for not being good, not trying enough, not being understanding about others, and most importantly, a guilt of feeling unworthy of love due to the loss creeps out.

It is plainly a circus where this generation is smiling with the loudest screams buried within. Internet is feeding positivity to be inconsiderate and insensitive, vigorously trying to deride sensitive people with a trite line ‘Who cares’‘You deserve better’, making them feel bad about their vulnerability. In such a situation, we must take time for ourselves, albeit there will utterly be no glint of desire to do anything, still we shouldn’t hide this sorrow which came with a loss. Unfortunately, sometimes in pain we ignore the most important part of life that all of us have someone to approach and seek help. Perhaps, there might be no solution or satisfiying answers to the questions that bother you. Howbeit, there will be anadequate chance of an emotional catharsis. Envisaging future without them should be stopped with small steps, while accepting the fact that they have gone and end it gracefully from heart. The fun fact about emptiness, is it accompanies us when people leave, however it is also important to know that it is just a stranger on voyage traversing a whirlpool, not a friend.

Sometimes, we underestimate a help from people whom we trust, we call them our siblings, friends and parents. Seeking help is clearly not a sign of weakness, it embodies strength. The excruciating pain of seeing dreams crumbling like a sand castle is too overwhelming to remain unbothered, it quickly breaks the floodgates of control. The moment we get an epiphany that there is absolutely nothing left for us to do, we end up slowly losing ourselves while accepting the loss.Distancing from everyone and everything beguiles us into believing that nobody is ours, swooning in a void created after losing someone. Even the crowd feels hollow, and instantly grief pervades our mind.

It is irrefutably true that life is unpredictable. Loveoftentimes makes us and sometimes breaks us drastically. In this vicissitude of life, we must not forget our resilience to sail through every obstacle speciallyemotional ones which are not always easy to conquer and live thislife without regrets and grudges, beautifyingit with vital experiences and lessons. If finding love in people starts terrifying, we must ponder the fact that it can categorically be found in many things we do, we dream of, and we feel. Therefore, this generation is getting more into embracing a life of being single, fulfilling their dreams, and desires while doing their duties and responsibilities. However, there is always an intact desire for love buried within us that eventually stops nudging after losing it many times. Neverthelesslove remains beautiful, whereas pain afterlosing it scares, but hope doesn’t wither anyway.

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