The dark era of gangster Atiq Ahmad’s hooliganism ended under the aegis of yogi’s mission ofdemolishing the mafia in Uttar Pradesh

The environment of Uttar Pradesh has been intensely polluted and dangerous back then when the governments used to nurture such gangsters to terrorize the public for their own political goals, endorsing appeasement politics as well as emboldeningpolitical terror against other political parties and people. In this environment, a huge number of gangsters, hoodlums, and political dacoits were exorbitantly pampered in order to prepare them to worsen the condition of law and order in Uttar Pradesh. Previous govts were uncontrollably obsessed with mafias and gangsters that they ignored everything else important, it is because the state required tremendous amount of efforts for its capability to compete with other states in a field of development, economy and harmony which is, of course, a quintessential part of its identity. And these efforts were not easy for them.

Atiq Ahmad is one of those gangsters who irreparably fractured entire system with his records of crimes, having the power to silence everyone. In that juncture of time, fear would be engraved in people as well as the soldiers of the constitution. Furthermore, a tendency to covet criminal identity in the society specially in youngsters was intentionally developed. These gangsters slowly became role models, for they not only found fame, and wealth, but also political support, and power to strengthen their penchant for crimes. It is an irrefutable fact that famewas unbelievably so alluring. A huge list of crimes against him was enough for him to terrorize people, nevertheless no court, no government could chain his arms and put him behind the bars for years.


In an old viral video, Atiq is seen, overtly flaunting his power in Samajwadi party’s regime, said that he felt more powerful in Sp regime and bsp, without facing any legal problems despite any crime. At that time, the streets of UP were flooded with terror, and fear of such gangsters, andthe party to snatch power would make these gangsters their ideal candidates in elections, and endorsed their hooliganism unabated, consequently even fear was embedded in judiciary, which is why such gangsters relished political power for decades, and expanded their criminal empire. The plight of law and order was similar to any Islamic country suffering from radicalism, which routinely tarnished the image of the state. From communal riots to theft made up a state of disharmony, despicably no govt bothered, theyneglected everything for their political future. Samajwadi party was morally paralyzed. The gangsters they spawned, were now too unruly to be tamed. Moreover, even the judges who are basically known for their yelling at poor people for crossing red lights, were incredulously terrified to hear Atiq’s cases, as judiciary was under threat as well.

At that time, the judges who generally shout, were too scared to even utter a single word about gangsters, as they feared that their families would be in dangerous, so they avoided jeopardizing their lives. Law and order was only for bluffing public, as the reality was enough to expose everything. Judiciary was paralyzed, transpiring that even the courts can be lame if law and order is maimed in the courts.

Yogi’s mission mafia free Uttar Pradesh

Amidst this dark era, Uttar Pradesh urgently needed new leadership that could think beyond hooliganism and one sided secularism and appeasement politics, and revive its religious identity and unleash the real potential of the state. The day a man dressed in saffron cloth, became chief minister, all the gangsters and their political guardians started to tremble, because their decades old criminal, communal empire started to crumble rapidly as soon as Yogi Adityanath determined to obliterate political terror, hooliganism and fabricated secularism in the state.

Nobody has ever imagined that the environment which gangsters and previous govts aggravated, could change so fast, creating fear in gangsters and hoodlums who used to spread tension in the society. UP has started to see how new leadership can stop mafias from tarnishing the image of the state. Besides, Yogi has brilliantlyresuscitated the religious significance of the state by developing sacred cities such as Varanasi, Ayodhya, and Mathura which never got any attention in previous govts as Hindu places were not appropriate for the secularism of ruling parties in the past.

The notion has changed now. Therefore, even those who were ashamed and edgy towards Hinduism, due to their political obsession with Muslims for vote bank, were seen hopping in the newly renovated Kashi in order to revive the dead parts of their Hindi identity that has been badly injured by Bjp, so for competing with the mighty Bjp in elections, wearing saffron, chanting Jai Shri Ram, became only option to win Hindu votes. While their gangsters started to suffer under aggressive mission of Yogi and their masters couldn’t even say anything even when Yogi Govt was bulldozing their illegal homes and seizing their looted properties immediately, boldly implying what police can do now.

Gangsters feel terrified

The clamor of political parties against the govt is exposing their tendency to promote disharmony and fostering gangsters, which is of course emboldening the govt to hit the nerves and eradicate their roots that caused heinous crimes and riots. The judiciary that remained mum for decades, has now announced life imprisonment to Atiq Ahmad without any fear of being murdered later after the judgement. That’s indeed what has changed after Yogi became chief minister. The fear of gangsters is no longer in the state, people who used to refuse to be witness in the court against this gangster, fearing abduction and murder of their families, were now seen shouting, ‘ hang Atiq’ outside the court without any fear. It is explicitly great to see such gangsters cower.

This is unequivocally what Yogi has inculcated in people to speak against mafias, and goons without any fear. Nobody can harm you in the state. This sense of security has beenboldly propelled by Yogi. Where gangsters lose their looted properties, where goons get treated in a language they deserve, where spreading terror in the name of protests lands mob in jails, where famous gangsters beseech for security fearing death while being transported to another court in the state, is new identity of new Uttar Pradesh, where bulldozer is always ready to dismantle not only criminal empires, but also the mentality that makes these gangsters feel like they can roam unabashedly, having politicalprotection from their political guardians, where pseudo secularism is not entertained, no false sense of fear in minority is endorsed, where all communities can follow their beliefs without hindering others, where wearing skull cap is not required anymore, nor any Muslim gangster is given election ticket to lure minority votes. That time has gone, now every culprit who lived lavishly so far, will face their karma in this new Uttar Pradesh.

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