Life is unpredictably difficult, but unearthing a hope evenif you are stuck in hopelessness is what makes it interesting

In this voyage called life, there is always a certain period laden with utmost difficulties and uncertainty, when everything starts to change drastically, despite our strenuous efforts to make things right, we end up losing everything and stand like a defeated warrior, restless, helpless and hopeless. Life is incredibly unpredictable whether we believe or not. Furthermore, although we might feel like everything is in our hands, however nothing is truly in our control. When life veers into a new phase, everything appears to break part like shards of a glass.

Sometimes life starts to feel like a perpetual nuisance filled with obscurity that seems endless and scary. Sudden changes in life quickly impact badly every part of us. I am talking about a phase all of us have gone through, or still trying to wade through, sometimes failing, sometimes winning. This undesirable delicacy of vicissitudes is seemingly a threshold to a new perspective towards life,leaving behind the fairy tales we believed unopposed for years and this struggle in learning new definition of life shatters our obsolete belief system.

We often get so engrossed in things and people that we forget about everything. The same humdrum routine looks like living a fairytale with someone we love, everything else loses its luster for us. This is the bewildering art of our emotions, sometimes it makes everything beautiful, invigorating and enthusiastic, and sometimes it makes everything bleak, hazy and wholly dull. Emotional change in one’s life feels like a silent thunder that strategically attacks human heart which silences every desire. It fills us with doubts, questions and hopelessness, shoving pernicious silence within us that muzzles our conscience. Whenever something affects our inside so adversely, the survival becomes elusive. There is no doubt why some weak souls end up on gallows in such phases when it all looks hazy, and suffocating.

This is apparent in this modern era, nothing is killing people more brutally than unhealthy love which is nowadays available on dating apps. The world looks vapid, and hopeless, one experience all the sorrow in his bones, slowly cracking his confidence and resilience to fight, all the problems about career, marriage, responsibilities weigh him down. We must have sensed this feeling at some point in our lives, quivering with hopelessness in a cage of dolor, and we somehow climbed out of that abyss and received what life was wanting to give – epiphany that life is not as easy as it seems, and it is never easy for anyone, be it one sitting on cozy chair in an office, or one who is shouldering sacks of grains in market.

Everyone is blessed to have his own way of contemplating things as sagaciously as one is capable of. And even life problems are different for all. What petrifies me, might be a daily task for you, and what scares you, might be my favorite activity. It entirely depends now how we see problems and how we try to face them. I understand sometimes life resembles a barbarous hag that swallows our sanity, strength and even spirit to face it. What we must also remember is, people before us faced it, they too fared badly in initial phase, emotional, financial, mental problems all scared them, and eventually they came out, albeit many lost their battles. Moreover, what we are traversing now, will be far difficult for people after us.

I believe our generation is unbelievably prone to emotional upheaval compared to old generations. Probably because we are privileged to express ourselves more vividly than they did. In old times, it wasn’t this easy to approach someone as we do, and express what we feel toward them. Therefore, emotional health was at peak, or say emotions were limited to family. Contrarily, nowadays falling repeatedly with new ones has been so easily normalized. Instead of mending what is damaged, everyone is looking for their ‘the one’ to do what is their own responsibility. And when everyone leaves one in lurch, depression grabs his hands and chains him to loneliness where to hopelessness thieves. One must befriend himself first before he starts looking for love again in others. For, a bandaged wound can bleed anytime, all it takes is a scratch on it. It is risible and equally painful to hold someone with a bleeding wound on your hand. Mend it first. Push yourself to come out of that room which is flooded with terrifying thoughts and memories.

What is frightening you right now, will be gone eventually . I am aware that when hopes are dashed, it can be difficult to maintain optimism in a snare of a proverbial dark tunnel without a promise of the light at the end. However, this is absolutely a labyrinth of life where only darkness is seen, even if the light is just a step ahead, we hardly open our eyes to see it, because darkness starts to comfort us, but with a significant cost of our happiness. Which is an injustice to us done by ourselves. Therefore, while facing uncontrollable things happening in our lives, instead of denying to accept that they don’t exist and drown in grief, we must mister our courage to accept that things we savored, and coveted to relish more for years, are ended, people we expected to stay for good, are here but not with us, and the dreams we created with them, are now beginning to unravel.

The first half of struggle with problems ends with the acceptance, and once we stop evading them, we learn to combat and conquer life which rewards those who unleash their strength and never surrender without thinking that there would be no problems after this battle. Ultimately, we reluctantly learn that life is not a bed of roses, but rather an uneven pavement occasionally decked with thorny roses, and sometimes soggy. It always demands us to move gingerly while living it to the fullest.

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