Leo Weekly Horoscope 9th April– 15th April 2023

Love and Relationships

This week in your love & relationship, do try to give some space to marriage and family life. Try to avoid excessive workload or any kind of new projects as this may cause issues in your love and married life.

Just have proper time management and try to have a balanced personal and professional life so that you can have a peaceful week and time with your family members. Avoid having a fight with your in-laws, as it may hamper your relationship.

Love and relationships may take a new turn in your life. You may have a short trip with your spouse, and there’s a strong possibility you may receive gifts from them.


This week is going to give mixed results in terms of money and finance. You may have your savings, but there might be some unplanned expenditures too.

Professionals may get some good increments or some type of incentive this week. This week may throw various opportunities for earning money.

However, Rahu and Moon’s passage indicates that you should exercise caution before making large investments. Moreover, clear the confusion if there is any.

There can be some expenses related to property. Mars transit indicates that there can be expenses related to the vehicle too.


Due to Moon and Jupiter, you may get a new job opportunity this week. Those in the teaching field may get the expected results.

Saturn and Moon advise you to avoid negative thoughts to get the desired result in your career. This week, a new job opportunity in a foreign country may be there for you.

As indicated by Rahu and Jupiter, professionals who are working in digital media can get the expected projects. This week the transit of the Moon may bring expected financial gain from government-related projects.

Some may plan to start a clothing or electronic gadgets related business.


This week, digital platforms are likely to give you success and knowledge of foreign language courses. Studying in foreign may not be possible this week.

You need to be patient regarding this. You may be successful in the examination, and the practical approach is going to help in your study.

Medical students may get success in their projects. Mars and Ketu advise you to avoid aggressive behaviour as this may affect your relationship with your friends.

There can be sudden changes in your syllabus or school. You may get success in government related work.

However, Sun and Rahu indicate that hard work and determination are required to get the desired results..

The Week’s Overview

This week, your top priorities might be your family and your neighbors. They might need to help you with some issues.

It will be beneficial to meet up with friends during the week before the weekend to reduce stress. Your family and loved ones may have differing opinions on a number of financial issues.

Being helpful and respecting opposing viewpoints are wise choices. Be patient and keep your eyes on your financial objectives.

Your career development may continue to be favored by the week. Now is the time to take a chance to accelerate your growth.

If you work in business, you might currently perform well in some crucial negotiations and presentations. You might experience concentration problems.

Therefore, it might indicate a challenging period for your coursework and exams. You should experience success this week in matters pertaining to your fitness.

Since you will be in good health, there won’t be any significant problems for you to deal with..

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