It’s unbridled obsession of political parties with a particular community behind the attacks on Ram Navami celebrations every year, exhorting radicals to instill fear in Hindus

Since independence, political parties that got birth from Congress party, followed unchangeablythe hacky congress ethics which were fixated only on appeasementof Muslim community.Despite theunforgettablehorror of Hindu massacre during the partition of India. Parties that emerged with their new version of secularism, limited their attention to coax and gladden Muslim community for vote bank, their deracinated ideologies were unquestionably a main problem behind this prevalent nature which is nowadays seen everywhere but nobody shows their obsession more clearly than Bengal government.

Recently, Ram Navami,the most sacred and exuberant festivalin India, is not limited to Hindus but also it must be considered the celebration of Indian culture because Bharat is known for Shri Ram. However, this country whichis identical to a cistern of chaos caused by radicals nurtured by political parties, couldn’t let Hindus celebrate this festival peacefully as the sacred name of shri Ram terrifies minority of some states where their political masters publicly threatened Hindus to not provoke Muslims by chanting Shri Ram. Ironically it’s true!

Chief minister of west Bengal widely known for her whimsical demeanor over the chanting of Jai Shri Ram, openly threatened Hindus during Ram Navami, moreover she infact tarnished the image of Hindu community by publically implying that it’s Hindus who provoke minority alias her loyalvoters, and then riots happens. She said that Hindus should remember it’s the month of Ramadan, so there should be no attempt of abetting them. Her words were explicit. She warned Hindus not because she didn’t want any problem in the state as she thinks Ram Navami carries a prospect of any disruption in Bengal, she might have said it because she is absolutely familiar with the fact that minority in Bengal is so prone that even any non Islamic celebration can possibly instigate them and furthermore, she can never ever think of taking any action against them. It’s because it is riveted to a fear of losing power due to loss of trust of Muslims.

Bengal was set ablaze again by radicals nurtured in Bengal, disrupting the harmony of the state as well as trying to engrave fear and terror in Hindus now even for celebrating their festival. Hindus chanting Jai shri Ram on the roads traversing the streets where mosques stood, were welcomed with stones thrown from the mosques. What’s really shocking, is same tricks were used in other states. Radical Islamists attacked Hindu rallies with stones, and burnt their vehicles that too in a secular country where this minority community is routinely presented as scared community. The fire engulfed the celebration and dispersed fear and arson everywhere specially Bengal, where this is of course so common, burning vehicles, attacking Hindus afterelections, during the religious procession, and sometimes even in protests, only Hindus are harmed and tormented.

The act of threatening peaceful Hindu community for their right to practice and celebrate their festivals, is automatically encouraging such elements to create rumpus in the country. This is categorically dangerous experiment. This is not the first time when Ram Navami processions were maliciously disturbed and attacked, andsadly not even the last. Ever since the verdict for the construction of Shri Ram Mandir came in favour of Hindus, such incidents were vigorously normalized by radicals living in every states but only a few factions of malicious hoodlums supported and pampered by political parties come out to orchestrate their hate and anger against Hindus as they understand no political party can cause them any trouble except one. Therefore, in Uttar Pradesh despite huge Muslim population living in the state, no such incident was reported where celebrations of Ram Navami were almost in every district, and completed without any chaos unlike Bengal.

It’s distressing to know in this avowedly secular country that there is a Muslim colony in every city, town and village wherethere is always a lingering fear of attacks, and riots due to Hindu festival celebrations. But it is never surmised in the same country that celebrating Muslim festival can be disturbed in Hindu colony, it’s because Hindutolerance for other faiths is immense sono Hindu colony exists, whereas minority is too intolerant to even hear Jai Shri Ram once a year in same colony where Hindus areroutinely forced to hear Islamicprayer fivetimes a day. Who is secular now!!

Well, the answer is crystal clear since long time. Secularism is a malevolently garnished dish served for Hindus so that no Hindu like Bengali Hindus who stay unperturbed even when their homes are set on fire, where they can’t celebrate their festivals peacefully, can fulminate against this cancerous propensity spreading rapidly. Communists transmogrified their frustration over their continuous political fiasco into hate against Hindus who dare to celebrate their faith openly, not like them who are mentally enslaved to believe that it’s not appropriate to remonstrate their anger against such sheer wanton radicalism hidden in vandalism. Therefore, after arson and conflicts in Bengal, Hindus were blamed for provocation, and besmirched for their faith and celebration, no tongue could say what enticed so-called peaceful community which got offended by Hindu chanting. Nobody asked government why they indirectly aroused mobs to hinderrallies and threatened Hindus beforehand.

There is a scorching fear dangling over people in Bengal that shushes them uncompromisingly. Therefore, arson and vandalism routinely devours Bengal, bedaubing it with indelible shame.Although politiciansshould emphasize on law and order, and protect the rights of Hindus too. However,it sounds odd because displeasingvotebank is like losing power which no politician is going to opt. Consequently, the fear that creeps in the eyes of radicals in UP, is not seen in radicals living in Bengal, for they are protected and spared every time they torch trains, attack Hindus and break Hindu idols on festivals. Relentless efforts to disrupt Ram Navami rallies transpirethe purpose of radicals deliberately aiming at stropping Hindutva, and trying to instill terror in Hindus.

This excessive penchant for tolerating radicalism in order to remain in power always made political parties bow their head to votebank for decades until a political party Bjp came in power and unabashedly taught radicals how to love peacefully which is why no riot, no conflict was reported in Uttar Pradesh, moreover even Muslims participated in procession and showed their secularism. If it could happen in a state like UP where riots were so common due to laxity shown by previous govts against hooligans, why this religious harmony can’t be in other states? Harmony is explicitly discernible only when govt prioritizes it unbiasedly, well! that is absolutely an elusive task for Bengal politics.

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