How to Change a Rooms Look on a Budget

woman in gray tank top and blue denim jeans sitting on bed

Of course, being able to change a room’s appearance on a budget is far easier and cheaper if your basics are already there. For instance, having walls, flooring, and furniture bland, neutral colors will mean that you won’t have to change any of them to change the overall look of the room, and meaning as these are the most expensive areas of a room, you will be able to complete your task relatively cheaply.

#1 Change your window dressings and invest in matching cushion covers

You have an array of options available to you when it comes to window dressings. Blinds, either wooden, bamboo, a manmade mixture, or fabric, are relatively easy to install yourself, or of course, you can opt for curtains to create a much more luxurious look. Choosing either matching cushions or contrasting ones can provide the eye with a bit of color on a bland couch.

When it comes to your cushions, remember that there may not be anything wrong with the cushion inserts you already have, and purchasing cushion covers is far cheaper than buying a cover complete with an insert.

#2 Change the look of your couch by using throws

If you are tired of your bland couch, then opting for a sumptuous throw to cover part or all of it may change the whole look of your room and provide a vocal point. Thick, rich-colored throws are great for giving a cozy look in the winter months, whereas in the spring and summer, you may want to opt for softer colors with less bulk to their texture.

If you are not up to having the throw completely cover your couch, simply drape it over the back or angle across one side to provide a splash of color rather than a block.

#3 Enhance areas of your flooring by adding desirable rugs 

Enhance areas of your flooring by adding desirable rugs. Many homes have fireplaces that are ideal for placing Area Rugs in front of them. However, if your home is lacking this, then in front of the couch or the center of the room could be beneficial.

Your rug should, indeed, catch the eye as well as be practical, so it is important that you take your time to choose the right style and color for your new look.

So, to wrap it all up

With a bland and neutral backdrop, you will find it easy to change the look of your room without spending much money at all. You may find that by working with the seasons, you can store different looks and have a seasonal rota that you will find pleasing. 

Adding color to a room by using accessories and soft furnishings is easy to do whether it is you with a small tester pot of paint and some cheap ornaments purchased at a yard sale or thrift store or with a needle and thread or sewing machine with some scraps of material. 

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