Gemini Weekly Horoscope 9th April– 15th April 2023

Love and Relationships

Some of you might get a sudden break up the relationship and the Mars movement can give divorce-related issues because of demanding or over expectation in nature. Patience and healthy conversation are going to help you.This week you might face some ups and downs in love and marital life. You need to give some free space in the relationship so that your partner will feel comfortable with you.Those who want divorce can get success in that. Chances of the second marriage and foreign settlement after marriage can be there.Some of you might get a sudden relationship proposal from your ex-partner or from some old friend as indicated by Ketu-Rahu..


Planetary transit is not very favourable so you are advised to have prior planning related to savings and expenditure on a priority based. Saturn can give health-related expenditure.Some of you might get expenditure related renovation at home or office. In terms of savings, this week is not very favourable.Rahu and Venus can give some financial gain from new business related to creative art and fashion. There can be sudden expenditure on travelling’s this week.Some of you might get financial expenditure buying a flat and a new home in a foreign place. Learning new skill and admission in the higher study can give financial expenditure to you.


Your name will get raise for the new post of fro team leader so this week is to give your best. Rahu and Jupiter suggest you avoid aggressive decision and also don’t get into office politics.In terms of the family business, this week is not very favourable to make any major changes or to make any investment in new projects. Those of you are in the whole sale business this week is going to give success and some workload can be there.Venus movement can give recognition at the workplace with promotion and also give the favour of luck in career..


Some of you might get the chance to join camping from school. Venus is going to give success in your written examination.

Those of you who are in art or fashion related courses can get admission to the expected college. Health needs to be given priority for this week.

Sports student might face some challenges to give their best because of bad health. Some of you might get exam pressure as indicated by Saturn and Rahu.

There can be confusion or unnecessary stress because of negative thoughts. Jupiter and Venus advised you to avoid having regret for the past mistakes and give a fresh start to your exam preparation so that things can go as per your plan.

The Week’s Overview

Mars’ motion indicates that you need to restrain your rage and aggression. Since most of the planets are not moving favourably, you must carefully verify and analyse each decision you make.

Some of you may experience an abrupt end to your relationship, and the Mars movement may cause problems with divorce due to your demanding or overly expectant nature. You are going to benefit from having patience as well as a constructive dialogue.

Saturn is capable of giving expenses related to health. There is a possibility that some of you might incur costs due to renovations at your home or place of business.

This week does not present a lot of opportunities for cost-cutting or savings. The planets Rahu and Jupiter advise you to steer clear of confrontational decisions and to stay out of office politics.

This week is not a good time to make significant changes to the way the family business operates or to invest money in any new endeavours. This week, the keys to success in your professional life and academic pursuits are going to be revision and concentration on the material at hand.

This week’s transit of the Sun may bring favourable results in a medical examination..

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