Schedule Your Semi-Decade On The Shores Of The Mediterranean


Italy has an important location in Mediterranean Europe. Its culture is unbelievable and contributes to a superior quality of life. The preceding has resulted in Italy gaining fame as an eye-catching venue for high-net-worth (HNW) individuals who want a rocking life in Europe.

About the Italy Golden Visa Program

In 2017, Italy began implementing this program to promote foreign direct investment. The synonym for the Italy Golden visa is ‘Investor visa for Italy.’ HNW individuals who want to experience residing in a vibrant country in the heart of Europe are expected to invest in the economy of Italy in exchange for a residence permit in Italy.

Why do Several HNW Persons Prefer to Reside in Italy?

Italy can boast of a wide gamut of landscapes marked by mountains, beaches, and lakes. Italy’s cuisine is considered one of the most delicious in the world. Italy has a strategic location to move around in the European Union. The lifestyle and culture of Italians are unsurmountable. It is home to a high count of UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can witness exemplary art exhibitions and some stunning historical monuments.

How will You Benefit from the Italian Investor Visa?

The process to procure the Italian investor visa is online and speedy. The visa does not make it mandatory to reside in Italy. Your family can stay in Italy and accompany you. You can freely move to the European Union without a visa. You and your family members can study and work in Europe. Italy has a special taxation plan, which is economically beneficial. After a decade of holding an Italian investor visa, you can apply for citizenship. The astounding lifestyle in Italy provides tranquility of mind.

The Disparate Investment Modes

You must declare the investment or donation amount in your visa application. Within 90 days of your entry into Italy, you have to actualize this investment or donation. You must maintain this original investment for the validity of your permit’s complete tenure. The various modes of investment are the following.

You can invest in Government bonds. The minimum investment in this regard is 2 million euros. The second mode is to invest in shares or corporate bonds. This is associated with a minimum investment of 0.5 million euros. The third way is to invest at least 0.25 million euros in innovative startups. The fourth method is to direct a minimum of 1 million euros as a philanthropic donation.

The Milestones in Your Process for the Italy Golden visa

After you submit all your documentation, you get your Nulla Osta certificate after a month. From the second month until the end of the sixth month, you can apply for the Investor visa and obtain it. Now, you can enter Italy. You can apply for the Investor Residence permit during the first two years and obtain it. You can renew your visa for three more years at the end of the second year.

If you aim to be the holder of the Italy Golden visa, Pearl Lemon Visa will facilitate your activities pertinent to this aim. You can soon find yourself relishing a top-notch education system and a top-tier healthcare system.

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