Pune Latest: Suffocation kills four people in a biogas tank in Baramati; massive fire in the Dhayari area

The Bootleg Fire glows in the distance, near Beatty, Oregon, U.S.

On Wednesday morning, four people, including three members of the same family, passed away as a result of asphyxia and the inhalation of gases that were present in a biogas tank in a hamlet located in the Baramati Taluka of Pune. The guy who entered the tank to mix the contents of the tank and then passed out was, according to the police, the only one who entered the tank. Suffocation and death through inhalation of gases claimed the lives of three further people who entered the room one at a time to attempt a rescue.

On Tuesday evening, reports came in of a large fire that had broken out in the Dhayari district of Pune and involved many explosions of fuel and gas tanks. As a result of the event, several vehicle repair and painting shops that operated out of tin sheds in the Ganesh Nagar neighbourhood of Dhayari were destroyed. These shops catered to nearby residents. During a three-hour-long effort, the fire was finally brought under control by fire tenders, and there were no reports of any injuries.

In other developments, the India Meteorological Department forecasts that Pune will see partly overcast sky and very light to light rain during the course of the day (IMD). There is a good chance that the high temperature will be about 34 degrees Celsius, and that the low temperature will be around 19 degrees Celsius.

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