‘Khatam, Ta Ta bye bye’ Rahul Gandhi is disqualified from parliament for his foul mouthed nature, causing brouhaha of Congress party protesting against BJP


Indian politics is, at this time, is creating more colors than a prism, it is explicitly discernible ever since Modi reached Delhi as a prime minister. The mighty congress, or it is better to say a party obsessed with power, considering itself beyond everything even India, was kicked out of power, leading the congress to quiver like an arrow in a kid’s hand, consequently this party has begun to besmirch BJP, then public for voting for Bjp, and in a very short span of time, Congress attempted to behave like a bully to tarnish the image of Modi, hurling abuses and disdainful remarks against Pm. At first, it was only limited to Bjp, and soon it became very comforting tactic for all leaders to get noticed by Congress president who even denigrated the post of prime minister by ventriloquizing previous government for ten years.

Congress hatred for Modi proliferated intensely that soon the congress who almost dived into extinction from politics, obsessed and abetted by big leaders of the party, spewed venom against Modi, targeting his marriage, family, and most importantly 2002 riots of Gujarat to imply that India doesn’t deserve anyone except Congress, however Indians chose him, and it became too terrifyingly scary and untasteful for congress leaders who were fostering their desires to be prime minister to digest the popularity and gigantic majority in elections attained by Modi.

Since 2014, Congress leaders along with their amiable buddies in the media, specially prime shows, overtly exhibited their hatred against Modi government and tried to behave like India started to suffer ever since Modi grabbed the chair of power, contrarily these journalists were seemingly okay with terror attacks and heaps of scams in Congress regime. A tumult of leaders protesting, yelling, vilifying Modi for every new change happening in India that made congress leaders uncomfortable as well as their friendly journalists, frustrating them to an extend where their tongues were mentally unbridled and Indiawitnessed the complete loss of theircontrol.

Modi was openly vilified for being staunch Hindu, not bowing to the fabricated secularism which has been eating the country since independence. Moreover he was compared to terrorists, called out trader of death, denigrated for his past profession by the congress leaders who used to invite Kashmir separatists involved in Kashmiri pandit genocide for dinner at Pm residence. Nonetheless, it was all because he managed to win the trust of Indians, and dethroned congress party whothought power was their fiefdom. After faring badly in several elections, despite doing every nasty and inappropriate thing to damage Modi’s image, Rahul Gandhicradling in Gandhian supremacylifted his tongue mostly never made any sense to defame Modi derisively to revive the dead hope that he can be launched as a pm candidate again while his minions in media were set to lionize his newly bloomed spirit that could also be labeled frustration.

In 2019, the clamor of offensive remarks against Modi echoed during the general electrons, Congress leaders lacked vision, and preparation for the elections under Rahul’s leadership. All they did, was abuse Modi, and clap hard for each other as if they were all outvying to impress the congress president. On the other hand, instead of getting affected by hatred spilled by Congress, Bjp excellently utilized these remarks against the congress, showing the real face of Congress that never respected even prime minister post, for their habit of not being able to see a common man becoming a prime minister remained intact.

Rahul Gandhi while insinuating Nirav Modi, fraudster spawned in Congress regime, fled India, angrily said showing no seriousness about the matter, under the influence of unbridled hatred for Modi, ‘all thieves have Modi in their surnames’. At that time, Congress was intensely protesting, and disseminating false information about Rafael jets deal, the congress chaos continued unabated until the boisterous sound of Rafael echoed in their ears, coming from France to Delhi. The irony guffawed over his frivolous statement. If all the thieves were Modi, then how come India was wobbling over scams, and corruption in former prime minister. Under his clean, ironed suit, all the coal, public money was pillaged.

This hatred towards Modi incurred great loss for congress future in Indian politics, still the nadir is not teaching this party to introspect and think beyond Gandhian privilege that can be seen in statements coming from congress leaders after Surat court announced 2 years jail sentence for Rahul Gandhi, after which he was disqualified from parliament. Congress is vociferating like geese against the government and calling it the death of democracy. Ironically, democracy is almost dead whenever anything happens against Gandhi family. However, no sane tongue could talk about the reason why he was disqualified, may be because all are absolutely familiar with the fact that Gandhi scion is addicted to behave like this due to propensity to treat everyone below his privileges he was bestowed by his family. Therefore, he couldn’t even respect how a common man became prime minister and his frustration over his own debacles coerced him to blemish Modi.

Truth is absolutely indigestible and prohibited against the Gandhi family, as a result nobody talks sanely if it is about Gandhis. That’s why one congress leader chained to his mental slavery for Gandhis, even had the audacity to say that the court should have thought about Gandhi family before announcing sentence which later on caused disqualification. This is categorically a lingering tendency that is routinely instilled in the party leaders so that nobody could ever dare to question insanity and advise introspection to the party. For, it is not exactly what is rewarded in Congress, what is lauded inthere, is how much they can ballyhoo inane statements of their leader and call it defiance against the government.

What is really sickening to witness, is how congress party inculcated this penchant of being treated differently even if they cross any limits, Gandhi family is beyond constitution. Therefore, Rahul Gandhi who couldn’t even speak as a leader but is lionized and even clapped for his frivolity. This sentence is nothing proportional to what Modi can cause to entire congress party if he files defamation case against congress, half of the party would be jailed and out of Indian politics just for their loose tongues and chutzpah.

It is crucial for Congress to think beyond abuses, and unnecessary clamor which only harmed them so far beyond repairs. For, Bjp excellently parry the attacks and eventually it benefits them unimaginably. The era of privileges, parliamentary revelries, propensity of being considered elite, and special, is over. India demands only development, and politics that is equal for all, no fabricated secularism anymore that used to make leaders wear white cap for votes, and distance from Tilak. Mudslinging is outdated, Congress should start to cultivate new skills to target the government, most importantly they must start practicing to digest another party in power, itis understandable that their obsession with power and corruption, domesticating friendly media is too heavy, however time demands this.Furthermore, Congress leaders should understand now that being insolent, abusive, edgy won’t probably fetch them anything, exceptdebacle and more frustration.

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