If the proposed TikTok ban comes into effect, could we see a new generation of mobile gamers instead?


TikTok is no stranger to being the focus for many. It is one of the top social media platforms available today, and one that is used by millions all around the world.

Many are using it to share, create, and watch some of their favorite short-form videos, making the app one of the most used all around the world, as well as being one of the most spoken about.

However, in the US, there have been other conversations about TikTok that the company would have hoped would not happen. America is currently in the process of potentially banning the platform from being accessible, as lawmakers across both parties – Democrats and Republicans – have stated that it could be a threat to their national security.

There are concerns that its data could be deemed valuable to the Chinese, with the video hosting service owned by ByteDance; a business that originates and operates in the communist country.

What could happen if TikTok is banned?

As a result, there have been numerous questions about what a potential ban could bring if it were to come into effect. While there are other platforms that could perhaps thrive should TikTok be banned like YouTube which recently introduced its own short video channel, there are some that are suggesting the video market could potentially come to an end.

Indeed, some are suggesting that there could be a surge in the number of mobile gamers, thus creating a new generation of players. With more people potentially looking for alternative outlets to express their creative flair, mobile gaming looks as though it could be an attractive option.

With a variety of different games being available on smartphones, it is likely that they could become popular with those who are in search of a pastime if TikTok were to no longer be an option. Furthermore, with the ability to play at the best online casino Ireland has to offer and enjoy the various iGaming titles made available, there could be a new interest for many if they are unable to use the social media platform.

Some, though, will perhaps suggest that there will either be a rise in the use of established social media platforms that will look to try and take advantage of a ban, or there will be a new player on the market looking to exploit the gap that the banning of TikTok would likely introduce.

As mentioned, there are already established players already looking to try and capitalize, while it would be likely to see individuals looking to try and find alternative solutions when trying to get their daily fix of short videos.

Final Thoughts

At this moment, it is definitely too early to tell what might happen if a ban on TikTok was to come in and be made effective. However, there is no denying that it could lead to a new generation of mobile gamers. We will simply have to wait and see what the knock-on effect is.

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