How Often Do Drunk Driving Accidents Happen in Maryland?

Nearly 40 percent of the traffic accidents on Maryland’s roadways are the result of an intoxicated driver.

Drunk driving is a terrible offense that claims millions of lives annually in the United States. At least 3 people die every 2 hours from drunk driving, and the real tragedy is that drunk driving is completely preventable.

The only way to hold these people responsible for their actions is by partnering with drunk driving accident attorneys who can fight for your rights. Many of these tragic accidents result in serious personal injury leaving victims struggling under a mountain of medical expenses but you don’t have to travel this road alone.

Maryland’s Drunk Driving Problem

Maryland averages about 60 arrests daily for driving under the influence. According to Maryland’s emergency rooms, at least 3,000 serious injuries annually are the result of intoxicated drivers on Maryland’s roadways. On average, nearly 35 percent of Maryland’s drunk driving accidents result in serious injury.

Drunk driving accidents in Maryland are more likely to occur on the weekends. While they used to be more prominent on the weekends after 5 pm, officers are seeing more accidents due to intoxicated drivers earlier in the day due to the popularity of tailgating events.

If you are the victim of a drunk driving accident in Maryland, it’s unfair for you to be left to pick up the pieces alone. You need the support of experienced drunk driving accident attorneys to help you navigate the legal system and put the pieces back together. 

Maryland’s Drunk Driving Laws

Maryland has launched a campaign to reduce and hopefully eliminate the number of drunk drivers on the roads. Law enforcement has saturated metropolitan areas with patrols and checkpoints in hopes of eliminating mass quantities of this dangerous problem. Their efforts have removed over 3,600 dangerous drunk drivers from Maryland’s roadways and saved countless numbers from serious personal injury.

Maryland’s drunk driving laws mean that intoxicated drivers can face both administrative and license sanctions in addition to criminal penalties. Many times, there is a hefty fine and driver’s license suspension on the first offense, but jail time is also a possibility. If an accident with serious injury occurs, then criminal penalties may also be levied.

If you or a loved one are involved in an accident with a drunk driver in Maryland and you sustain serious injuries, it’s essential that you partner with experienced drunk driving accident attorneys to recover financial compensation for your injuries. You may be able to recover medical expenses and lost wages in addition to pain and suffering. Sometimes restitution is also ordered in Maryland drunk driving accident cases.

Maryland Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

Partnering with drunk driving accident attorneys can help you move forward with your life. You don’t have to pick up the pieces alone. Maryland, drunk driving accident attorneys, can help you recover the financial compensation you deserve after an accident with a drunk driver. They will ensure you get adequate medical care as they begin to gather the evidence necessary to prove your case. Maryland drunk driving accident attorneys can help you hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries and discourage drunk driving on Maryland’s roads.

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