Gemini Weekly Horoscope 19th March– 25th March 2023


Love and Relationships

You might get a workload that can affect your family and relationship. So you are advised to have a proper balance between your work and personal life.

Try to work on a priority based so that will go as per your plan. Some of you might get relationship proposal from their home town.

Saturn and Sun can give aggression or slow progress in love relationship. Some of you might face sudden disagreement of thoughts with your partner.

Rahu and Jupiter advised you to avoid unnecessary argument as also avoid the third person’s suggestion involvement in your relationship.


This week you need to take care of your diet and avoid junk food and cold beverages. Stars are predicting that you might get a sudden fever, cough and cold.

There can be pain in the lungs that can affect your health. Eat fruits and be regular with exercise to have good health.

Those of you old should take care of their health because you might get nerves related pain or joint pain. Try to be in touch with a health educator.

There can be sudden stress or indigestion related problem will be faced by you. The workload might give stress to you.

Mental stress can give health-related challenges. Aggression can give health challenges.

However you should practice yoga and meditation in order to keep your body and soul at balance..


Overall this week is going to be favourable for savings but in the first phase, you might face some delay to get your money back. Don’t make any major investment in property-related matters.

Some of you might get financial expenditure on repairing or in renovation related work. Your spouse or love partner can ask for financial help.

Venus and the Ketu movement in the week can give sudden disagreement with a business partner. Clear all the tax-related matter to stay away from legal matters.

Not an expected gain in property-related matters career. Coming days you need to be careful in terms of money and finance.

Saving will not be as per expectation..


Mercury movement suggests you be attentive with mail and calls at the workplace. Not very favourable to make any major changes in career.

Venus is going to give success in foreign-related work. Some of you might get a new job in a foreign country.

Those of you who work on digital media can get expected projects in their hand as indicated by Rahu and Jupiter. The movement of the Moon can give expected financial gain from government-related projects.

There can be a delay to get the expected result of promotion but you should not lose hope because Jupiter is ready to give the favourable result..


As your energy is spread across many different areas at the beginning of this week, you can have a lapse in concentration. Your study and exam schedules may be a little tricky until this week’s halfway point.

The quicker you get back to your studies, the better the outcomes will be. If you want to aim high and accomplish more, you may do so and you must completely utilize your strengths.

Before the week is up, you’ll be able to get back into your pattern and take care of some unfinished business..

The Week’s Overview

Both the personal and professional fronts might gradually improve. This week, Saturn and the Sun might call for greater self-control and dedication.

Rahu and Jupiter advised you against making any significant financial investments. You should avoid conflict and instead have an open and honest conversation, according to Rahu and Venus’s movements.

The movement of Mercury advises you to pay close attention to the calls and mail you receive at work. It is not a very good time to make significant changes in one’s career.

Those who are students in sports may have the chance to take advantage of some favourable opportunities. There is a possibility that some of you might be accepted into reputable and highly anticipated training programmes.

Students have room for improvement in their abilities. Because you keep company with the wrong people, some of you might become easily distracted.

This week, parents might be difficult to please. The movement of Mercury indicates that you should devote somewhat more time and energy to activities that are related to languages.

Because of your ignorance, this week’s movement of the Moon could cause unexpected problems with your health. This week may cause strain on the eyes as well as other health problems.

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