Drunk Nigerian national arrested after running naked through Gurugram

four clear glass bottles in dim light

According to the police in Gurugram, a Nigerian national has been taken into custody after he was seen running naked on a busy road in the city.

At approximately six o’clock on Wednesday evening, the man was reportedly spotted running naked close to Tulip Chowk, which is located in sector 69.

As the police approached the scene, he fled in the direction of a nearby village, where the residents of the community apprehended him and tied him to a tree.

After taking the man into custody without delay, the officers hurried him to a local hospital so that he could be examined.

“We have taken the Nigerian national into custody, and an investigation into the incident is currently underway. If it is determined that he has a healthy mental state, we will proceed with filing a case against him “Badshahpur SHO Madan Lal said.

“We are attempting to determine the motivation that lies behind the behaviour. We are conducting an investigation to determine whether or not he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs “he added.

He smelled of alcohol during his arrest.

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