DIY Ideas to Decorate Plant Pots at Home

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Whether you want to decorate your terracotta flower pots or disguise disposable planters before giving herbs as a gift, there are dozens of adorable ideas that are also insanely easy.

For a unique and incredibly simple look, paint your terracotta plant pots with chalkboard paint. Add fun drawings, patterns, inspirational quotes or seasonal greetings for an easy yet effective DIY project.

Nail Polish Marbling

If you have a planter that needs a facelift, this nail polish marbling technique is an easy way to give it a fresh new look. You can use this trend to turn a plain plant pot into an amazing piece of home decor that will catch the eye of anyone who looks at it.

To begin, fill a disposable container with room-temperature water. This can be a deep paper plate, an old Tupperware container or even an aluminium pan.

Once you have the container filled with water, add a few drops of nail polish into it. Pour the nail polish close to the surface of the water, so that it doesn’t sink.

Working quickly, drop in your polish colors at different spots across the surface of the water and mix them with a skewer until you achieve a marbled effect. Once you’ve completed this step, add more polish if you like the result.

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a fun and versatile craft material that can be used to make beautiful decorations. From tissue paper stained glass to giant tissue paper flowers, these DIY ideas can help you add a pop of color to your home.

Tissue papers come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that’s right for you. Buying in bulk is also a good option, so you can get the supplies you need to make your project quickly and inexpensively.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy project, try making tissue paper flower petals. These are a great way to use up scraps of tissue paper, and they look pretty on their own or paired with other flowers. You can even hang them in a wreath or on a wall for extra floral appeal!

Chalkboard Paint

While chalkboard paint is popular on walls, it can also be a great idea for decorating plant pots at home. It’s inexpensive and can be a fun way to add text to any plant pot.

Before applying chalkboard paint, you’ll need to prepare your surface. This may require sanding or priming the surface.

You’ll need a spray primer to help the chalkboard paint adhere to the surface. Make sure to keep the spray can equidistant from the surface to ensure even coverage.

When spraying, use a small amount of paint and apply it in thin coats, allowing ample time for each coat to dry before applying the next.

Adding a touch of chalkboard paint to a basic terra cotta planter creates a playful message center. You could even fill the pot with blooming bulbs for a cheery pop of color.


If you’re looking for a way to give your plant pots a stylish finish, consider painting them with ombre. It’s a popular trend in decor, and it’s easy to do at home.

You can use any color scheme to create an ombre effect, and it will look fabulous on a planter. It will refresh your old terra-cotta planters and brighten up new ones as well.

The technique used to create an ombre effect is called gradation, and it’s actually quite simple. It involves using different colors and a slow transition from one to the other.

It can also be done by weaving or knitting, but it looks especially amazing on a patterned fabric. You can even create an ombre on a piece of wallpaper.


Whether you’re in the middle of winter or looking to get ready for spring planting, we have a bunch of DIY ideas to decorate plant pots at home. You can use fingerprints, pom poms, popsicle sticks, paint, markers and more to turn your everyday containers into works of art that are both functional and beautiful!

This is one of the most fun and easy DIY ideas to create with Mayka. The repositionable toy block tape is the perfect way to turn ordinary plant pots into LEGO-themed creations.

This is a fantastic DIY craft that kids of all ages will enjoy. It’s not only a fun project to do with your little ones, but it’s also a great way to teach them about building. It’s a little bit of an advanced skill, but if you’re confident in your kid’s abilities, you can get them started on their own with a little guidance.

Beach Paint Texture

A planter is a great way to add color and life to any room. Whether you use it to hold flowers or plants, you can make it stand out from the rest of your decor with paint or other techniques.

Painting can be a fun and relaxing activity for anyone, especially adults. It can also be an excellent way to learn new skills and express your creativity.

Creating texture in your paint can be a fun way to add some dimension and interest to your work. You can add a layer of coarse pumice medium or mix some sand into your paint for a bumpy texture.

You can also create seafoam by painting wavy vertical and diagonal lines in your ocean paint to give it a lace/web like effect. This technique is easy to follow and can really add depth to your beach scenery painting.

Mini Face Planters

If you’re looking for a fun way to decorate plant pots at home, try making mini face planters. These are super easy to make and are sure to please your kids.

You can also use a variety of materials to create these. Tissue paper, paper napkins, and wallpaper are all good options.

Another option is to make marbled pots using paint. The colors of the paint should match the flowers or plants you’re planning to put in the planters.

This idea can be done with any type of planter. It would look especially cute with a succulent garden.

For an extra special touch, cover your mini planters with twigs to give them an earthy feel. This project will take a little bit of time and you’ll need to pick a variety of different twigs, but it’s worth the effort.

Splatter Planters

Whether you have old terra cotta pots or are looking for some cute new garden planters, there are plenty of DIY ideas to decorate them at home. Some are more intricate than others, but they all have one thing in common: They are easy!

If you have an old terra cotta or plastic planter that needs a little TLC, you can turn it into a gorgeous garden pot with just a little paint. This drip painting technique works with any size planter and it’s a great project for kids!

Another way to add texture to your pots is to cover them with paper or fabric. This is a great way to recycle scraps of fabric from other projects and gives your planter a brand new look!

Crocheted Covers

Crocheted covers are a great way to add a touch of style to plant pots. They hide scratches and stains on clay pots and are easy to clean, making them ideal for home decor.

They can also be made from a variety of materials, including wool and other natural fibers such as silk. However, wool is usually favored for its warmth and elasticity.

The main tool used for crochet is a hook, which is typically made of plastic or metal. Additional tools, such as a tape measure and gauge measure, can be useful for measuring crocheted work and counting stitches.

The first step in a crocheted project is to make a chain of sufficient length. This may be done by placing a slip-knot loop on the hook (though other methods, such as a magic ring or simple folding over of the yarn, may be used) and pulling another loop through it.

A few other DIY ideas are resin, sticking old buttons onto the pots and more.

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