Creating a Lounge for the Whole Family to Enjoy

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Sharing a family home full of the hustle and bustle that naturally accompanies being a parent is as heartwarming and comforting as it can be loud and decidedly untidy, with one of the main communal areas in any home being the lounge.

With that being said, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this article which will help you in creating a lounge for the whole family to enjoy.

Place Practicality at the Forefront

Naturally, for any room whereby a group of people will be sharing the same space on a regular basis, there needs to be areas for everyone to relax, enjoy and in the case of your child or children; play.

Rearranging your living room to follow a more open-plan and broken layout is certainly the easiest way to achieve this and essentially this means separating different, specifically designated areas of the room for different functions. This way, every member of the family can still retain a sense of belonging as everyone will be together, but still have their own space too.

Other practical ideas for a family room include the following:

  • A comfortable and multi-functional sofa bed for guests
  • A large rug in the very center of the room
  • A board games storage hub to bring the whole family together
  • A surround sound speaker system to create a movie experience
  • Plenty of throws and blankets for the cozy winter nights ahead

Different Seating Options

If you are someone who enjoys stretching out on your couch after a hard day’s work, then you will probably want to have sufficient room to do just that.

This is why one of the possible investments would be to choose a more comfortable and indeed, more durable, alternative to a Lovesac bean bag, which every member of the family would enjoy. What is more, such bean bags and bean bag chairs are available in such a wide range of colors and fabrics that you can easily find one which fits both your interior design style and your budget.

Get Creative with Storage

Even in the smallest family rooms, you are still afforded much more storage space than you might think, as long as you think about height, rather than width.

Basically, this means it is time to consider on-the-wall storage options, such as attached wicker baskets for children’s toys and games, DVD and music units sitting neatly in the overwise unused corner of the room and swopping your ordinary footstool with an ottoman alternative.

A Focus Gallery Wall

Perhaps the most sentimental and indeed, aesthetically attractive, focal point for any lounge transforming into more of a family, multi-functional room, is to create a photographic gallery wall on the far side.

What you hang on your new gallery wall is, obviously, entirely up to you, but for a true sense of unity and family spirit, combine treasured family photographs with posters of you and your partners favorite movies and of course, works of art penned by your very own children.

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