Bengaluru News: In Bengaluru’s train station, an intoxicated TT sexually harasses a female passenger


On Tuesday in Bengaluru, a train ticket examiner (TT) was sent on administrative leave after allegations surfaced that he had harassed a female passenger when she was intoxicated near the Krishnarajapuram railway station. A video of the event is currently being distributed across various social media channels.

At the Krishnarajapuram train station, a tipsy ticket inspector approached a female passenger and requested to see her ticket. Even though she had the ticket in her hand, the TT allegedly continued to harass the woman the whole time they were on the train.

In the video, you can hear the woman stating that she has her ticket, but TT didn’t listen to her and kept pressing her to present the ticket, even though her fellow passengers stood by her side and backed her.

The Transportation Department has halted the TT and has requested an investigation into the matter.


Railways made a statement after the event was reported, in which they indicated that the 22863 is a HWH SMVB express, which is a weekly Humsafar express and does not stop at KJM.

The TTE who can be seen in the video is really Santosh from the KJM station; he is not an onboard TTE. According to the report, Santosh is accused of being intoxicated while on the job and of dragging a female passenger off the train when it came to a stop while he was working.

Santosh has been placed on indefinite suspension, and more inquiries into the matter are now being conducted.

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