6 kitchen tools and appliances that you didn’t know you really need


The kitchen tends to be one of those rooms of the house for which we don’t buy much decorations and tools. Usually, we cook with the basic stuff and there is no variety of devices.

However, there are some kitchen utensils and appliances you’re missing out on that you don’t know how useful they can be. They’ll save the day!

A modern rice cooker  

Everybody knows rice is one of those key ingredients that, apart from being healthy, they are extremely easy to cook. Even amateur cooks can prepare it!

But having a rice cooker is always a plus, since you just have to put the rice inside the appliance and it cooks it in a couple of minutes.

In addition, the rice cooker uses non-stick technologies, which are crucial for your rice not getting stuck.

Another advantage that it has is that it is very easy to clean. So, why not buy one?

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An all-in-one sandwich maker  

Mornings can be a bit busy in everyday routine, and, if you love having sandwiches for breakfast, you should get a sandwich maker.

This gadget is going to help you save some time when preparing toasted sandwiches, and, apart from that, you can use it to make waffles, too.

This is a very versatile machine, since you can use it to prepare your breakfast, some quick lunch and even desserts. It is really practical!

A new blender  

Blenders are one of those appliances which you can use for almost anything. By using it, you can prepare fruit and sweet smoothies to have before training; but you can also use it to make some cocktails when you get home after an exhausting day at work. You can prepare soups, too, for those cool evenings in winter; and sauces for your favorite type of pasta can be mixed in this gadget as well.

As you can see, a powerful blender is a very useful appliance to have always at hand.

A reusable baking mat  

Instead of using endless rolls of parchment paper or aluminum foil, non-stick mats are ideal for you if you enjoy baking meals up.

Baking mats are perfect to make all sorts of meals in the oven: you can use it when you bake a pie, when you make popcorn, when you roast a chicken… anything!

Apart from being so practical, they are really easy to clean and they last forever.

A measuring cup  

If you enjoy making cakes and pies, and also sauces and dough, having at least one measuring cup makes the whole difference.

There are loads of people that think that they don’t need it because they can calculate proportions on their own, and, in the end, their meals are disgusting.

If you tend to normally go through a situation like this and you find calculating proportions in the kitchen difficult, buy one of these cups and they will make your life easier!

They exist in all shapes and sizes. You just have to take your pick and see which one suits your kitchen best.

A top-notch knife  

Having a good knife -or better: a knife set- always at hand is crucial to help you save some time when cooking. There is nothing worse than trying to chop some vegetables with a blunt knife. It can turn the cooking task into a nightmare.

This is why, although there are several types of knife depending on their uses, having a good quality, sharp knife is so important.

Think about how many things you chop, slice and dice while you are cooking: meat, vegetables, fruit, bread, even cakes!


After all, you may have noticed how important it is to have the basics as well as these key kitchen tools and appliances when it comes to cooking.

It is a matter of knowing what you need and being prepared. Having a well-equipped kitchen will make your meals tastier and your life easier.

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