Weddings in Delhi, Goa and Rajasthan – Where to Extend Your Stays


Who doesn’t want a dream wedding? A luxurious destination with our favorite people and the most romantic moments with our partners. Isn’t it what all of us think about when we fantasize about our dream weddings? What if you were told that it is definitely possible to bring all this come true?

If you are planning to have a dream wedding in Delhi, Goa or Rajasthan, this guide will be your best friend. You can choose your homestay in Goa near the beach too. We will help you!

1. The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri (Delhi)

The rich modernity blended with the city’s magnificent heritage is what makes The Leela Palace such a work of art. It is a true specimen of comfort, convenience and luxury. With a diverse range of exotic facilities and amenities, this hotel turns out to be a mass favorite for most delightful weddings. The lavish eateries with multiple cuisines are also to die for.

2. Mansa, Stay Vista

A serene retreat for destination-wedding lovers, Mansa is thronged with the beauty of a lifetime. It revels in luxury but with a touch of modesty. The aesthetic farmhouse straight from an 80s novel with its waterfall, greenery and spaciousness makes for a surreal destination. If you are in for an intimate wedding, Mansa can offer the much-needed stay to all your lovely guests. A perfect morning wedding couldn’t get any better!

3. Kanak Villas (Jaipur)

A regal wedding starts with feeling royal. Kanak Villas is here to make that dream come true. The boutique hotel is a reincarnation of a vintage Rajasthani Haveli, swarmed in rich culture and heritage. If you want to go beyond your city’s five star hotels for a luxury wedding, Kanak Villas is a stunning pick. The ethnic wooden interior, the serenity of nature and the cozy bedrooms are specimens of the finest stay in Jaipur.

4. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur (Rajasthan)

A favorite summer palace among all royal families, Taj Lake Palace is an exclusive heritage hotel. If you want to give your guests a luxurious stay that leaves you in awe of its elegance and style, choose Taj Lake Palace without any second thoughts. The experience of staying here will be even better than any homestay in Udaipur. So, book your stay here now to have the experience of a lifetime.

5. Terra Rosa, Stay Vista

Whether you are looking for the perfect banquet, sumptuous food or fun-filled activities during the wedding, Terra Rosa has it all. It offers luxurious yet comfortable extended stays to all guests, too, with the experience to remember for a lifetime. So, if you are confused about which place to choose for an extended stay during the wedding season, this spot won’t disappoint you. Such villas in Goa for stays thatinspire,are all you need.

Winding Up!

Don’t forget to book these stays today to enjoy a luxurious yet comfortable stay for the wedding season. We promise; you will love the experience it has to offer.

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