Planning to grab many more exciting projects in both modelling and business, Daisuke Kamada is here to stay and slay


He is already a known fashion model and now also an entrepreneur who is looking forward to collaborating more within the modelling and media fields and taking multiple steps ahead in his ventures.

No matter how much ever we talk about a few professionals, especially those belonging to the younger brigade doing exceptionally well in their ventures and careers in life, it still feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know their brilliance. It takes immense courage, guts and the ability to make bold choices while staying resilient in one’s journey to get where they wish to be. Things become even more challenging when these youngsters get into overly competitive industries; however, the passion and the commitment they show to what they choose to do in their journeys help them keep moving forward. A similar journey was created by Daisuke Kamada, a man from Japan who today has been forging ahead in fields like modelling and business.

Daisuke Kamada is one who has made quite a buzz around his name as a one-of-a-kind fashion model, and also entrepreneur. Gaining incredible skills, knowledge and experiences in these fields has allowed him to thrust forward in these creative realms, becoming one of the most sought-after professionals from Japan.

Daisuke Kamada, born and raised in Japan, is looking forward to taking multiple steps ahead in his journey and grabbing many more modelling and business projects to make his name prominent beyond Japan. This he has already done as a fashion model, beginning his journey at the naïve age of 14, working with global brands. His runway shows, fashion events, etc., in Portland, were a hit. In 2002, he had appeared in the New York Collection as a 21-year-old, which opened many new opportunities for him, which led him to work in Pasarela Cibeles in Spain, Portland Fashion Week, and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. He has even walked for global brands like Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Dior, Comme Des Garcons, ISAORA, Fendi, Kenzo and many others.

Today, he has turned into an entrepreneur as well, which he began building at the age of 18. He is now the President of Chiisana Suisei Co. Ltd., his own management office. “After working with some of the most influential brands, companies and events in fashion, I am now looking forward to expanding my business and doing much more to gain greater exposure as a fashion and image model,” shares Daisuke Kamada.

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