Gel Nail Extension Trends to Pick Up in 2023

gel nails extensions

When it comes to extending your nail length, you have a few options. Acrylic is one of them, but if you’re looking for something gentler and less damaging to your natural nails, gel is the way to go.

While you can still get a classic manicure in the salon, gel extensions are also gaining popularity among celebrities and everyday women. We sat down with two experts to break down this popular nail technique and share the best trends to pick up in 2023.

Textured 3D Nails

One of the biggest trends to pick up in 2023 is texture 3D nails. These are made by combining builder gel with a variety of textures and colors to create an interesting and unique look.

The textures can range from subtle to dramatic, depending on the client’s taste. It’s also a great way for nail technicians to try their hand at some new techniques and expand their skills as nail artists.

These textured designs are fun to make and can be very creative. They also feel a lot more satisfying to touch than smooth nails, so they’re a big trend with both clients and nail technicians alike.

If you’re not sure where to start with this style, consider starting with a simple design with just a few studs on your nails. These studs add some texture and are an easy, budget-friendly way to get your feet wet with the trend.

Another way to add texture to your nails is to use lace. This is a simple and effective technique that’s incredibly easy to do. You can use it in a wide variety of ways, from sparse to covered, and you can even add pearl embellishments for extra bling.

Some clients will also go for 3D flowers, like this pink rose that’s embellished with leaf details. These can be a beautiful and feminine alternative to a classic red rose design.

This look can be paired with either a clear or glitter base color, so you can choose which style suits your personality best. If you’re going for something more minimalist, then a plain white or blue base would be more appropriate.

If you’re feeling more bold, then a matte finish with some sparkle accents will give your nails a glamorous and unexpected touch. This look is a perfect choice for any woman who prefers a minimalist style, but wants to add a little more pop to her manicure.

This trend has become increasingly popular in recent months, and it’s predicted to continue to grow in popularity over the next year. With Dua Lipa rocking this look, it’s no wonder that it’s quickly becoming a big hit with both clients and nail technicians.

Neon Colors

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In the past, neon colors were primarily used in signs and billboards, but they are now widely used in clothing, accessories, and nightlife events such as laser light shows, raves, clubs, and festivals. This is because neon colors are extremely bright and visible, making them perfect for these types of environments.

Another reason why neon colors are so popular is their color temperature, which varies from warm to cool depending on the shade of the neon. This makes them an ideal choice for a range of applications, from fashion to web design.

You can use neon colors in a wide variety of ways, and they are also great for accenting certain elements of a design, such as call-to-action buttons or special offers. They can also be a good option for background color schemes, but you should consider using them sparingly to ensure they don’t overpower the rest of your design.


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Silk Fiber Nails

Silk fiber nails are an alternative to gel nail extensions that can be applied at home. They are a great option for clients who are looking for a lightweight, breathable nail enhancement that is also easy to paint over and look like their natural fingernails.

According to celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards, the best time to get silk wraps is when your nails are about half-way grown out and you’re ready to transition from acrylic nails to natural nail extensions. This type of nail wrap can help protect the tips of your nails from breaking when they grow out, and it’s ideal for people who don’t want to use acrylic to strengthen their nails but still need extra length.

Another benefit of these nails is that they are very low-maintenance. They don’t require UV light nail lamps, and they can be removed with acetone, so you can soak them off and reapply them in the future.

When you decide to go with a silk wrap, it’s important to make sure you pick a nail artist who has experience with them. They’ll know how to properly apply them, and they’ll be able to create a more natural-looking finish.

Silk wraps can be applied to any type of nail, so long as the nail is not too thick or hard. However, it’s recommended that you ask your nail technician to file the nail before applying any wraps. This will remove excess oil from the surface and help the glue to adhere properly.

It’s also important to avoid over-filing the nail as this can cause problems. If you over-file the nail, it will weaken the nail and make it more susceptible to breakage.

You can choose to have silk wraps applied directly over your natural nails, or you can add them to artificial nails to give them more strength. They can also be used to bind together a damaged artificial nail tip that’s cracked or torn so it doesn’t fall off.

This type of nail wrap isn’t as common in the nail industry, but it’s a popular choice among consumers who don’t want to deal with acetone or gel polish. It’s also easier to do at home than gel extensions, and it’s affordable.

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