Douglas Eugene Noll – His decision to spread positivity and peace


In a world full of war, hatred, violence, and overall negativity, the power of positivity brings peace. Everyone is affected by violence. Wars prohibit communities from flourishing, restrict children from attending school, and make it more difficult for people to receive healthcare. Poverty fuels further conflicts, and the cycle continues.Life is beautiful, and everyone strives to safeguard their wellness and happiness atthe end of the day. We all play a part in one another’s life and day-to-day happiness. Spreading positivity is a lot easier than most of us realize. The world itself has a history of wars and damages brought by them. On a global scale, when it comes to relationships between countries, peacemaking plays a pivotal role in preventing conflicts.

Peacebuilding is a lengthy process that involves encouraging people to communicate, mending relationships, and rebuilding institutions. Everyone touched by a harmful dispute must be engaged in establishing peace for good change to last. This idea urged Douglas Eugene Noll to step in and play his part as a peacemaker and mediator.

Noll was born with severe impairments such as clubfeet and near blindness. Despite this, Noll has paved his way to becoming a recognized public speaker, instructor, and author. In 2010, he co-founded the Prison of Peace with Laurel Kaufer at the request of Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla inmates. His work carries him from working in the international arena to helping people resolve intense interpersonal conflicts. Since its founding, Prison of Peace has expanded to include two women’s prisons in California, two men’s prisons, the Los Angeles County Jail, and foreign locations in Spain and Greece.

In maximum security prisons, Noll teaches murderers how to be peacemakers and mediators within their prison communities and to control their anger. This was the idea behind the formation of the Prison of Peace, to help inmates develop peacemaking skills to minimize violence and encourage peace.

Beginning of the new chapter of life

Noll was a trial lawyer for 22 years, and by the time he turned 50, his life had taken a new direction. It was in the year 2000 when Noll realized he did not belong in the courtroom. It came as a sudden realization that it was time to bring a change into his life. He had left a successful trial practice in a well-reputed law firm. He parted ways with the courtroom to become a peacemaker. He faced skepticism and even hostility from his legal peers upon his decision to become a peacemaker. The mistrust he met fueled his passion even more, and he went on to prove the naysayers wrong. His Peace of Prison became the answer to those raising concerns that if he could teach the murderers to peacemakers, the power of mediation could not be neglected. As of today, Noll is an award-winning author, teacher, trainer, and experienced mediator.

Attaining many notable titles

Doug Noll has been named one of the Best Lawyers in America by US News & World Report since 2005. He has been named a Northern California Super Lawyer since 2006. He is recognized in the International Who’s Who of Commercial Mediators. In 2014, Best Lawyers in America named him Lawyer of the Year. Doug was named a Purpose Prize Fellow by in 2014. The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals awarded Doug the Distinguished Neutral of the Year in 2018.

Setting the examples

He is a PSIA Level III ski instructor, tai chi master, second-degree black belt, whitewater rafter, fly fisherman, jazz violinist, and folk fiddler. He can fly planes and helicopters and operate a backhoe with ease. Noll learned to code in 1969 and has been an early adopter of technology. Born with multiple yet severe impairments, Noll has spent his life defying many odds. His life took different turns, but with each shift, he was able to catch up. Noll is on a mission to bring peace to communities. He has mediated and arbitrated over 1,200 cases, including millions of dollars in construction, construction fault, and real estate disputes.Douglas Eugene Noll is a sought-after lecturer and workshop presenter in negotiation, mediation, leadership, and problem-solving.

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