Check Out How Much the Kansas City Chiefs Bag for Winning the Super Bowl in 2023


The highly anticipated Super Bowl LVII was an epic showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The arena buzzed with excitement as football fans from both teams geared up for a legendary game to determine who would take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which was eventually won by the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, apart from the glory on Sunday night of February 12, 2021 – what’s really at stake? It turns out that regardless of which team emerges victorious or defeated – there is a considerable monetary reward awaiting players involved in this year’s edition of “The Big Game”. Dive into our findings to learn more about prize money awarded to players in the NFL’s greatest showdown event.

How Much Do Winners Of The Super Bowl Get Paid?

Get ready for some big news! In 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs will be incredibly well-compensated upon being named Super Bowl Champions—each team member receiving a generous bonus of $157,000.

This newly increased prize money is no small change: an impressive increase on top of last year’s $150,000 and 2020’s remarkable jump to $130,000 per winner. Now that’s what you call a reward for success.

How Much Does The Losing Super Bowl Team Get Paid?

Despite being on the losing side, players from the Philadelphia Eagles were able to take home significantly more than in previous years. Each Eagles player will earn roughly $82,000 of compensation – coming out ahead by approximately $7,000 when compared to their opponents just one season prior.

Does Every Player On Each Team Get Paid The Full Amount?

While Super Bowl Sunday can mean big winnings for some, the payout could be significantly lower if certain players from both teams don’t meet certain eligibility requirements.

Players who will get the full bonus:

  • Team members who have appeared in at least three prior games and are on the team’s active or inactive list when the Super Bowl was played
  • Players who are not on the active or inactive list for the Super Bowl, but have been on the roster for at least 8 previous games.
  • Veterans who are injured during the season and removed from the team’s active or inactive.

Players who will get a half bonus:

  • Players who have been on the roster for less than 3 games.
  • Players who were on the roster for at least 3 games, but not more than 7 games when the Super Bowl was played.
  • Players who were injured or removed from the team’s active or inactive list during the regular season.

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