They fearlessly dragged a girl’s naked body for 12km when Delhi was inebriated, celebrating new year, and Delhi police hibernating

crime scene do not cross signage

Delhi never fails to shock the country with the horrific things happening unabashedly in the region. A couple of weeks agoShraddha murder case shook the nation, the brutality of that radical Muslim boyfriend shoved senses of shivers in all of us, making us ponder the plight of women’s security in the cities where liberalism rules and lures girls to trust monsters disguised as lovers. This news didn’t even die down completely, now another horrifying news from Delhi is here to coerce us to cower in terror, seeing how crimes are committed in the cities and like drunkards even police loll in the station.

A Delhi girl returning from somewhere along with her friend in the wee hours of new year, met with an accident, colliding with a car full of intoxicated men. She was stuck in a wheel of the vehicle. In the influence of alcohol and new year revelries, men in car didn’t bother to stop and see what happened, they kept on driving and consequently, they dragged the girl stuck underneath for around 12 km without having any sense of consciousness, let alone humanity. Moreover, even the police didn’t see them committing such a grisly crime in the capital region. They dragged her scrapped body, mutilating her on the road, and left her naked, defaced corpse on the road for the world to see how security hibernates in Delhi until the girls lose their lives.

In recent viral CCTV footage, it is terrifying to see how they fearlessly dragged the girl, and nobody even noticed her body being pulled like a naked mannequin underneath the car. Is the world completely inhumane or Delhi is an exception? Whatever it is, it is utterly heart wrenching, and appalling to make us question the promises of government about women security. The blame game of government has started to attribute their failures to others, instead of emphasizing women safety in the capital. When the nation was welcoming new year with liquor, dance, and partying, the police was aware of drunken environment of the city, shockingly they too plunged into the inebriation so they couldn’t notice a car dragging a naked dead girl with broken legs in the wee hours of new year. It was sheer negligence of police.

Media is coming up with oodles of shocking information about the case, in which even the deceased’s friend has come out to highlight the things unknown to police, and depicted the crime scene clearly. Although her revelation is helpful for the police, yet it is strange because she left her friend in such a dastardly situation and instead of informing police, or her family about the accident, she went to her home and caged her. Does a friend behave like this? Being a headline for her friend was more important for her than saving her friend. Anyone can be befuddled in a condition like this, but skedaddling from there, leaving a friend in lurch is more astounding.

The height of inhumanity and brutality is definitely becoming a new trend in the capital where earlier a girl was chopped in pieces and thrown out for the animals to feast, and now another girl was horribly dragged and murdered under the car, and police failed drastically to even notice the car for 12km. All the promises of women security seem to be just a hoax when such crimes keep happening without any reduction in the cases. People are protesting against the police, sleeping comfortably in the stations and waiting for other crimes to happen. Many are there, assassinating the deceased questioning what she was doing outside at that time, while her friend is selling her helplessness in media, and family waiting for justice. No intoxication is more lethal than insanity which is being exhibited in this case. It was plainly an accident until they decided to drag her alive, and killing her in such a ghastly way is not less than a ruthless murder.

It is also important to contemplate that the people we are hanging out with, calling them our friends, are really friends of they hide themselves in their homes leaving you there to die awfully and come out when you are dead. Moreover, it is more important to question if there is anyone ready to help us in a situation like this, or this is just an administrative hoax being promoted on hoardings with deceitful lies like ‘police is always here to help you’. It is seemingly true that now the onus is on us to maintain our safety and security without expecting any kind of help and shame from the police and government. The lives girls lose like this are not just news which will fade into oblivion after a while.

If criminals are unashamedly roaming with a dead body stuck in their car, wielding their wine bottles through car windows, it is the failure of police that they are doing it despite the power of controlling such crimes is on their shoulders. One girl loses her live in this case. Furthermore, it is obvious that new news will out shadow her murder and the chances are, the accused might be able to dodge the punishment and run away with a short term jail and will roam again freely. Nobody will even remember the girl except her family who lost a member. Crimes can never be stopped, but criminals can be, provided the police becomes more alert and does it job responsibly. As pondering this case, meticulously fossicking through all the information, we can infer unmistakably that it is scarcely possible for the accused to evade any witness, dragging a dead body tattoo naked. It is reported that a delivery guy saw this and informed police about it, but perhaps police failed to be conscious and alert at that time due to new year celebration or they couldn’t just take it seriously. Whatever happened is truly shocking, exposing the government and the police. Both showed their prevalent idleness and lack of responsibility which smeared Delhi with another indelible shame.

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