The secrets to a healthier, wealthier, and fulfilling life

Take a sleep if you want to be happy for an hour. If you want to have a good time for a day, go fishing. Inherit wealth if you want to be happy for a year. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, you should help someone. For millennia, the greatest intellectuals have made the same suggestion. Helping others brings happiness. Scientific study backs up the anecdotal evidence that giving is an excellent road to personal growth and long-term satisfaction. Giving to others may hold the key to leading a life that is not just happier but also healthier, wealthier, more successful, and more fulfilling.

Helping others and being nice not only contribute to the happiness of others, but it may also make us happier! According to studies, doing pleasant things gives our brain a physical boost, stimulating its “reward center,” which feels lovely. It can also distract us from our problems.

We may be excellent in many ways, from simple gestures like a kind smile, a few kind words, helping with baggage, offering up our seats, to frequent volunteering. We may contribute our attention, time, expertise, ideas, energy, or support instead of money. When it comes to lending a helping hand, Christopher Kenny’s name certainly comes to mind. Following Haiti’s earthquake, Kenny, several partners, and his sons traveled to the island to assist in the restoration of electricity after significant devastation damaged Haiti’s already weakened infrastructure. On a handful of excursions, they built alternative energy systems that powered purification units for purifying water in a few regions. These water purifying devices ended the island’s severe cholera epidemics.He is the founder and chairman of Via Solar, a forerunner and titan in the field of alternative mobile energy. In addition, Mr. Kenny serves as president of the Preservation Earth Project, a non-profit 501c(3) organization that promotes the use of alternative energy, particularly in the wake of natural disasters.

Following Katrina, they expanded their service to other sections of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Navajo reservation in Tsaile, New Mexico, and Southern New Jersey. They assisted the Cajun Navy in Louisiana and Texas.At Hartfield, Titus & Donnelly, a fixed-income broker-dealer in New York, Christopher Kenny is the Head of Strategy & E-Trading Relationships for an alternative trading system.

The advocate for hybrid power systems

Before launching the Preservation Earth Project, he had developed and built a few off-grid hybrid power plants,hoping to utilize these ideas on some of Preservation Earth’s humanitarian initiatives. He was employing solar electricity on mobile platforms to offer backup power for emergency circumstances, water purification, and water pumping long before Solar became famous and the “green movement” began. Nonetheless, he was among the first to develop and advocate hybrid power systems.

A throwback to Christopher Kenny’s life

Chris Kenny was born in Summit, New Jersey, on May 4, 1961. He was one of twelve children. In 1980, he received a B.A. in economics and finance from Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, North Carolina. He also attended New York University, earning a commercial real estate management degree from the Schack Institute. Since 2018, he has served as the head of Strategy and E-trading at Hartfield, Titus, and Donnelly. Kenny began his career as a U.S. Treasury bond broker in the United States in 1985. He formerly worked in fixed-income and technology development at UBS, Jefferies, and Morgan Stanley. He is presently the Head of Strategy and Relationships at Hartfield, Titus & Donnelly, a municipal bond ATS and broker-dealer.

His academic credentials are in business and finance. Kenny is passionate about developing and promoting renewable energy, mainly when it is used to assist people in need. The potential to aid those in urgent demand due to a human-caused environmental or natural disaster is not just a philanthropic act but also a once-in-a-lifetime educational opportunity. He has over 38 years of experience in finance as a salesperson, broker, trader, and investor.

The president’s letters of gratitude

President Jimmy Carter sent Chris two wonderful letters encouraging him to continue his charitable work. He suggested calling Habitat for Humanity and asking if they wanted to collaborate on a few projects. He and Kenny also volunteered for the charity.

The Preservation Earth Project

In 2012, Kenny founded The Preservation Earth Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It provides assistance, education, and alternative energy solutions to help society shift to renewable energy. It was involved in and aided Haiti several times after the 2010 earthquake, providing portable solar electricity for water purification and medical facilities. In 2020, the business devised a solution for the Navajos’ contaminated water source. They collaborated with engineers and local officials to build, produce, and install a solar-powered water filtration system for the Navajo people of Tsaile, New Mexico. Other activities have included providing portable solar power to the “Cajun Navy” for rescue and clean-up in areas devastated by the 2015-2021 hurricane season in Louisiana.

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