Spreading God’s Word through Preaching, Philanthropy, Penmanship, and Music – Prophet Isaiah Michael Wealth


Preaching and spreading God’s word are noble causes that a limited few have the ability and honor to undertake. Evangelism is an honorabletradition in all religions and holds significance in Christianity due to the preacher’s role incalling people to God.Pastors and ministers teach beliefs, lead prayers or other religious services, and provide spiritual guidance to people. Most ministers also offer advice outside their ordained roles by advising and counseling people during challenging or difficult life situations. However, pastoral work usually revolves around religious matters or issues, and most pastors or ministers remain restricted to their ministerial roles.

Pastors and bishops also promote and motivate people to engage in philanthropic activities as an extension of their faith and belief in God. Charities and humanitarian initiatives are a prominent part of religious practices as a representation ofbenevolent traditions and beliefs.Church ministers typically remain restricted to their pastoral roles and seldom venture outside their responsibilities due to limited resources. Some ministers play active roles in their local communities to help people by offering guidance and support. However, their busy schedules prevent them from venturing significantly outside their roles or responsibilities.Although many church leaders and bishops participate in charitable activities, only a few have the potential to devise long-term strategies and initiatives for major social problems like poverty.

Participating in multiple activities or assuming numerous roles apart from evangelical and pastoral work entails strong multitasking abilities. Prophet Isaiah Michael Wealth is a prominent Nigerian pastor with various talents and skills, enabling him to contribute to multiple causes apart from spreading the word of God. Born on 3rd June in Lagos, Nigeria, Isaiah Wealth completed his schooling locally before graduating from the University of Benin with a bachelor’s degree in electronics.He had a vision of Jesus Christ,who called him to ministry in 2004 during his undergraduate studies. Isaiah Wealth left his career in electronics to join the Trinity Theological Seminary to receive ministry and preaching training while completing a master’s and a doctorate in ministry. Prophet Isiah Wealth is a prominent pastor in Nigeria with multiple talents and skills as a preacher, philanthropist, author, and songwriter.

Isaiah Wealth is the founder and senior pastor of the Gospel Pillars International Church,which he created in 2005 to spread the word of God and unite the faithful through a non-denominational entity. Isaiah Wealth also established the Isaiah Wealth Ministries in 2010 to develop, operate, and regulate churches globally. The Gospel Pillars International Church currently acts as an arm of the Isaiah Wealth Ministries for preaching the word of God. The Gospel Pillars International Church also develops churches in remote and relatively inaccessible locations in Africa and South America through the Mission Assisted Project (MAP).Isaiah Wealth also created One Sound Revival TV to foster unity and inclusion of all denominations under a single cause of loving Christ and exhibiting harmony. Wealth is also a life member of the International Institute of Church Management and a grand patron of the higher impact club. He is also the chancellor of the International Bible School and Seminary and the president of the International Christian Association of Ministers.

Prophet Isaiah Michael Wealth is also a prominent philanthropist recognized as a prophet to the nations with a significant love for Christ and people. He carries the mandate of Christ that compels him to engage in numerous philanthropic and humanitarian activities through multiple organizations and initiatives. He established The Empowerment Network (TEN) to financially empower and lift more than 40 million Nigerians from poverty while enrolling 16 million children in schools. Wealth also created The Isaiah Wealth Initiative (TIWI) to alleviate poverty and help the underprivileged escape economic distress and challenges, especially after natural disasters.

Isaiah Wealth is also a prominent author with more than a dozen books on spirituality, prayer, worship, theology, history, and humanity. His best-known publications include Burning for the Lord,The God wants you to Prosper, Understanding Prayer, the Whole Armor of God, the Mystery of Spiritual Fatherhood, and the Mystery of Thanksgiving.Wealth also authored the Habit of Being in the Spirit, Church and Money, Enjoying Divine Health, the Language of the Prophetic, and Satan: The Hidden Enemy of Your Church. Isaiah Wealth is also a songwriter with several songs, including “Jesus My Everything,” produced under his record label,the Michael Wealth Music Ministry or MCUBE.The record label also includes a band, Dr. Isaiah Wealth and the Seraphs,for restoring worship in the spirit of Jesus.

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