Offering Luxurious and Elegant Resort Wear Suitable for the United Arab Emirate’s Climate–Tutus Kurniati

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the fastest-growing and most welcoming nations in the Middle East for foreigners and tourists. Dubai, a bustling city in the UAE, appeals to tourists and foreign businesses due to its open environment and friendly policiesthat allow people to follow their lifestyles without significant restrictions. Dubai is rapidly becoming a fashion hub for the Middle Eastern region mainly because of the presence of famous fashion brands and outlets. The frequent visits from celebrities and fashion icons for fashion shows and other events also place Dubai among the top fashion cities. The diverse and open culture of Dubai and UAEallows people to wear almost anything from beachwear on the beaches to sleeveless T-shirts or Abayas and long gowns in the city without violating cultural or traditional norms.

The luxury fashion scene in the UAE involves numerous brands and designers offering various clothing lines and accessories.UAE and Dubai are rapidly becoming the fashion capital of the Middle East, and the region’s warm and humid climate creates opportunities for designing and offering unique collections to clients according to the weather. Fashion brands cater to clients by providing summer lines and designing clothing for humid and hot conditions. The climate makesresort wear, summer dresses, and beachwear the most popular clothing options in Dubai and UAE, especially among celebrities from Bollywood to Hollywood. Resort wear comprises year-round clothing explicitly designedfor resorts, cruises, and vacations. However, the hot climate of Dubai and UAE makes it a go-to clothing choice for many affluent visitors and residents from Bollywood to Hollywood.

The luxury clothing preferences in the region create opportunities for fashion brands and clothing lines to offer summer-oriented clothes like resort wear or cruise wear. Tutus Kurniati is a Celebrities Choice fashion concept storein Dubai, UAEcatering to the region’s luxury fashion needs. The store is the brainchild of fashion designer and boutique owner Tutus Kurniati, who started the luxury fashion business to offer numerous luxury brands to clients. The store specializes in resort wear while providing a broad range of clothes and accessories from several prominent designers. Some prominent designers include Diana Ahadpour, Biljana Tipsarević, Alexandre Vauthier, Bronx and Banco, Kobura, Azzaia, Bohomoon, Helen Yarmak, Seykhan Jewelry, La Reveche, Lerushka, Kel Designer Dresses, Zhivago, and Sol by Irena Soprano. Although Tutus Kurniati specializes in resort and evening wear, the store offers several other clothing options for clients according to their preferences.The Tutus Kurniati store in UAE offers a unique and personalized fashion experience toin-house and online clients.

Tutus Kurniati is an Indonesian native and an avid fashion lover with a flair for entrepreneurship. She came to Dubai with her husband and opened the concept luxury fashion store in2019.Tutus Kurniati started the Celebrities Choice fashion concept storein partnership with her husband to cater to the luxury fashion segment in Dubai while offering specialized resort wear to clients.The COVID-9 pandemic led to global restrictions and lockdowns immediately after Tutus Kurniati opened its doors to clients. However, the business survived and witnessed exponential growth despite the restrictions due to Tutus Kurniati’s intelligent business acumen. The Tutus Kurniati store rapidly became popular among celebrities, politicians, businesspersons, and other influential people in the United Arab Emirates.

Following one’s passion and making a career out of that passion is not easy. Many people face challenges in establishing their brand due to apprehensions and fears or taking risks by switching careers. The fear or risk of failure is usually the most prominent element preventing people from developing something significant from their passion.However, Tutus Kurniati created her namesake Celebrities Choice fashion concept store in Dubai, UAE,to pursue her lifelong passion forfashion and rapidly established it as the go-to place for fashionistas in the region. A fashion designer, entrepreneur, and talented individual, Tutus Kurniati is also the creative director, apart from being the owner of the Tutus Kurniati store. Her commitment to creativity and attention to detailalso compels her to design and assemble clothing and accessory displays on the store and business website.

Luxury fashionis a complex segment involving high-end brands catering to the unique needs and requirements of the social elite. Managing aCelebrities Choice fashion concept storecomprisesshowcasing the right designs and brands that cater to clients’ needs and industry trends.Luxury fashion involves high-end clothing brands exclusively catering to elite clients like celebrities, socialites, politicians, and other influential people. Resort wear is a niche in the luxury fashion industry that focuses on clothes adequate for resorts, cruises, and vacations, particularly in hot and humid weather. Resortwear rapidly attracted the attention of celebrities, the social elite, and other fashion influencers in the Middle East, especially after Tutus Kurniati opened her Celebrities Choice fashion concept store in the auspicious Nakheel Mall in the affluent Palm – Jumeirah area of Dubai, UAE.

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