New year is bringing new possibilities for you to achieve what you dream, and conquer negativity ruining your relationships and filling your mind with doubts


Every year ends with umpteen pending resolutions and things we need to complete, however not everything is possible for us. Things we promised to do this year might not be completed, or we might have failed to achieve what we thought we would, nonetheless it can’t leave us with regrets and despair. 2022 must have been tough for some people dealing with their mental health, insecurities, and anxiety, it might have been beautiful for some people who found their love, and it might have been so traumatizing for people who have lost their loved ones. So, whatever you are going through, toiling to fight your battles, everything is going to be fine.

What you are going through, decides your curiosity for the new year, that’s why a huge number of people are excitingly celebrating despite their hidden battles, on the other hand, many people floundering in their agonies, and insecurities are chained to humdrum maturity, telling them there is hardly anything worth celebrating about the new year. It’s apparent that what actually changes is date, however, new year brings a possibility of a chance you are eagerly waiting for. A chance for us to strengthen our bonds, achieve what we dream of, eradicate toxicity of ourselves and shun it when it comes from others. Therefore,I believe this chance which comes with the new year, is worth celebrating.

New possibilities –

Perhaps 2022 would have been a bit hard for a few people, and it might have been so memorable for others. In both cases, new year comes up with new possibilities for us to conquer our battles, coping with our trauma, and other elusive problems including unemployment, anxiety issues, trust issues, and etcetera, moreover, it brings out the possibility of new adventures, love, prosperity and freedom of all that shackled us for long. New year is palpably like a new energy eliciting new enthusiasm within us, which we are meant to utilize for our purposes and things we couldn’t achieve or do this year.

Strengthening relationships –

This is unequivocally true that this generation is continually dealing with difficulties in their relationships that are so wobbly and fragile which can be ruined by a few imperfections. People are vying for perfection in everything; profession, friendships and relationships too, ignoring the fact that no relationship can be perfect as two people involved in that relationship can’t be similar. Reluctance to the reality of differences in each other creates emotional havoc in relationship. The new year is also a chance to fix these things slowly ruining the best and most beautiful feelings. We must try to communicate enough to elude any emotional disaster, building up understanding and most importantly trust to make it work.

This year, make an effort to dodge the past experiences that continuously remind you of similar consequences, and making your doubt yourself as well as your partner, and filling your mind with insecurities and anxiety. Take more time to understand each other, building trust is a difficult task for one’s who have been traumatized in past. Fear of losing, and betrayal always hover over you, you can’t do anything about it, but you can certainly choose to pay attention to negative thoughts that tempt you to destroy everything.

Make it your new year resolution that you are ready for everything, but you are not supposed to prepare for anything painful you imagine. Be prepared for what comes afterwards, however you shouldn’t doubt your feelings, and others. So, try to trust more, love more, and obliterate negativity that ruins your relationships. Strengthening relationships is your responsibility and seeing your partner’s efforts is also important, but without appropriate contemplation, never conclude anything, communicate properly and clear your intentions and know your partner’s intentions about you as well. Doubting partner’s honesty and questioning his/her love is pernicious enough to paralyze even the greatest bond.

Prioritizing your dreams –

Many of us are so sensitive that even love becomes a dream and first priority, and it is undoubtedly beautiful. Having someone by your side who loves and supports you unconditionally, is truly an unfading encouragement for you to toil even harder to achieve what you dream. If you are lucky to have one, or even you are in the voyage to find the one, keep prioritizing your dreams. So that when the right one comes at the right time, you will be ready to cherish every moment without any struggle or regret, and savor every joy.

In this world, society will be so inconsiderate with you if you run behind love only, as love feels more beautiful when you are successful, living the life you dream, and life becomes unconditionally more interesting when you are financially independent and ready for investing your love, time and energy in the relationship. Therefore, prioritize yourself, take care of yourself, make it your new year resolution that you will conquer all negativity, doubts, and insecurities, and master the skills of trusting more, living peacefully, and loving more without any fear. Overcome all your agonies, free yourself from everything restraining you from living as you want, and achiever what you work for. Everything is coming to you at the right time. Learn to stop whenever something drains you, learn to flinch when your efforts are not appreciated, learn to never beg for anything, and never force anything. Just be happy with whoever comforts you, loves you, gives you time, supports you selflessly who is hoping the best for you, stands by your side, helping you face all insecurities and triumph over them. All of us have someone who loves us unconditionally and endlessly but our doubts, insecurities and anxiety make us question them, pushing them away.

This year take the risk of whatever comes afterwards if you truly trust someone, love and dream the best for you both, believe in yourself a bit more than ever, and chase your dreams. You will be strong in any situation, just don’t try to cage yourself, fearing what will happen if you come out of your past experiences. You can’t control anything, you just keep doing what you want. Negativity only kills relationships, and dreams. So this year, eradicate this negativity that chained you for decades, free yourself and live happily.

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