How to Watch the Best Environmental Documentaries Movies Online?


Most of the directors and star guests of the iconic environmental movies we’re offering you to watch also had a very distant understanding of global climate issues before working on their projects. And only after seeing with their own eyes the tons of trash that children rummage in, the giant glaciers that are melting rapidly, raising the ocean level, and the poisonous emissions of industrial plants that destroy the ozone layer. Only after that did they decide not to be silent and show in their films to other inhabitants of the planet how our only native, once green, home is slowly dying.

Sometimes it’s hard to find such documentaries freely available. To find quality and interesting films on the topic of ecology, you should go to the torrent site, where the best films are collected. You can download any film you like. And now let’s look at the best environmental projects that you can download to your digital library.  


Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix and platinum musician Moby joined forces to tell audiences a story. This story is not about movies or music. It’s a story about the close relationship between two of the planet’s neighbors, humans and animals. And this story is not about friendship, mutual help, or love. It is about how one species of “earthlings” mercilessly exploits the other. The images in this film are shocking and impressive. They show what each of us doesn’t even think about: what torture, torture, and abuse thousands of animals in the world are subjected to daily to meet basic human needs: food, medicine, cosmetics, and clothing.


 An article in Nature magazine once turned French actress Melanie Laurent’s mind. The article warned of food shortages, rising average temperatures on the planet, and the aggravation of many wars and conflicts… The actress decided that she could not remain indifferent to all these problems that enveloped her home, the Earth. Together with a team, she set off on a trip around the world to try to find solutions to all of these global, looming problems with terrifying speed. The crew traveled to many countries and met people who had invented innovative ways to do mundane jobs, like growing crops or recycling garbage, without damaging the planet. You can check out these environmental movies on piratebay.

The Last Lions

Cinematographers Derek and Beverly Joubert, avid conservationists and National Geographic photographers, have been working with lions for 20 years and decided to make a documentary about the life of these beautiful animals and the threat of extinction that follows them relentlessly on their heels. The narrative and story of the film are focused on the wild cats of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, more precisely on the lioness Ma Di Tau and her cubs. 

The photographers watched the behavior of lions for two years and took about a hundred thousand unique pictures: of the mother’s caring for her cubs, hunting, and fighting for survival in the savannah. The main issue Derek and Beverly draw attention to is the threatened extinction of this beautiful animal species because 50 years ago, there were about 450,000 lions on the planet, but today there are no more than 20,000 left.

Home. A Date with the Planet

World-renowned photojournalist and great nature lover Yann Arthus-Bertrand, together with director Luc Besson, invites you to enjoy the beautiful view of the picturesque landscapes that our planet is rich in. Home is a panoramic view taken from a helicopter in 53 countries around the world. From a bird’s eye view, the director allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the world around them and to compare it with footage of the destructive effects of human activity on that beauty. Arthus-Bertrand’s revelations were not to everyone’s liking, so the film was banned from distribution in many countries after its release.

The Real Price of Fashion

This is a story about consumerism, the trendy clothes we chase, the fashion industry that produces them, and the industry’s impact on our world. Who makes the clothes that fashionistas try to snatch from each other at sales? What are the lives of these people? What lies behind the glossy cover of the colorful world of fashion production? Director Andrew Morgan’s candid film, starring acclaimed designer Stella McCartney, reveals a veil into the dark world of the backside of fashion. The industrial business, which ensures a constant flow of designer clothes into boutiques around the world, keeps its secrets, of which carefree fashion mongers are not even aware when they try on the latest trendy outfit.

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