Designing Your Seattle Home Interior

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Whether you’ve just moved to Seattle or have been in your Seattle home for quite some time, it may be a good idea to spice up your interior. This is especially important if you want to sell your house fast in Seattle. The year 2023 is starting as a stalemate for buyers and sellers since the economy is still hindering both parties. So, making your home as beautiful as possible in preparation for a sale will make a huge difference. Selling your house as-is may be the way to go if you need to move quickly. But these design tips will work well for you whether you plan to sell or remain in your home.


Understand the Importance of Interior Design

Before starting to remodel your home, it is critical to know the importance of interior design. Using interior design to upgrade your home takes into consideration beauty, function, lighting, and more. Rather than just buying various decorations that don’t have any relationship to one another, it may be a good idea to solicit the help of local interior designers. They will know what is on trend and be able to transform your cozy space into something you’ll love.


Important Design Enhancements For Your Seattle Home

Whether you get the help of a local interior designer, home stager, or decorator, you must keep the following upgrades in mind for your Seattle home. These tips will be critical if you plan to sell your home soon.


Remodel the Kitchen

Focusing your attention on your kitchen is critical in Seattle. You can recoup upwards of 80 on a kitchen remodel. Remember that you don’t have to do a full-scale demolition and remodel in your kitchen to add value. You can keep existing cabinets and repaint them. A few coats of paint on the walls in this area will also work wonders.


Upgrade All Appliances

To further enhance your kitchen, upgrading your appliances is also a good idea. Try to upgrade your refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, preferably in all the same materials. For instance, if you choose stainless steel, make sure all your appliances match. A few other appliances to upgrade include water heaters and HVACs.


Improve the Beauty and Comfort of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are another essential space to upgrade in your Seattle home. Today’s homeowners want to enter a bathroom that feels like a spa. So, if you have a tight, cramped bathroom, consider getting a remodel to improve functionality. Don’t forget to focus on the hardware. Improvements to something as simple as hardware can make all the difference, even in a low-budget bathroom remodel. Revamping this area can recoup upwards of 80 to 90 percent ROI if you plan to sell.


Don’t Forget About the Floors

The flooring may be low on your priority list, but if you are selling, this could make or break the sale. Believe it or not, flooring matters, especially if you intend to sell your house. Even if you aren’t selling, replacing or refinishing your floors is a good idea. They make a huge first impression, so spend plenty of time, money, and effort here.

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