Why is Public Health One of The Hottest Degrees Today

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has given us a meager idea about the importance of collaborative efforts of healthcare professionals. We have witnessed firsthand how the efforts of public health workers helped with providing better healthcare facilities in times of distress. However, Public health is not just limited to the action of these respective organizations under crisis. It is a field of science that focuses on preventing diseases, prolonging lifespan, and promoting health through a science-based approach.

According to APHA, Public Health protects the health of people and communities where these people live, learn, and play. Now, more than ever, public health professionals are needed to offer newer initiatives for many healthcare concerns. Following are some reasons why public health is one of the hottest degrees today.

  1. It Offers Better Job Security:

The employment rates in Public health are expected to increase in the upcoming future due to the growing need for Public Health in every community. Furthermore, in recent years there has been more talk about the importance of Public health, leading to a decrease in unemployment rates among graduates in this field. A lot of students start working as soon as they graduate, while some continue their education to become desirable candidates for better positions. You can get the best of both worlds by completing your education with a degree like DR public health online while you gain experience in the practical field. This is beneficial for increasing the chances of landing a better job as you will have an advanced research-based education. Along with that, you can get work experience in the form of a job or internship, which is always a plus point.

  • Professional Flexibility:

Public Health is a field that combines many different academic areas to offer a multidisciplinary perspective on healthcare. So, the students of public health have endless opportunities when it comes to specialization. You can work to create health policies, devise treatments for certain diseases, or work on educating the community. As a public health professional, you can work in a school, in a government organization, or in a private company. You can work on an international level with different non-profit organizations too. You have more room for professional growth in this field than in others.

  • You Can Make An Impact:

If the world has realized one thing during the past decade, it is that effective policymaking is required to overcome any future disaster like a pandemic. A community that already suffers from a poor healthcare system cannot handle any health-related crisis. This is where Public Health professionals play their part. On a community level, public health can help with solving many different problems. Because of its preventive nature, the field of Public Health deals with researching health-related catastrophes. The professionals try to find preventive measures that can be taken to ensure sound health in the community. Not only that, but these people are also involved in educating people about the ways by which they can stay healthy and safe.

Public Health professionals are always at the forefront of research grounds. Every day they work hard to find a cure for many untreatable diseases. They impact the lives of many people, especially children and the elderly, as they are the most vulnerable groups in any population. As mentioned above, Public Health professionals are responsible for healthcare policies in many countries. They regulate policies to make healthy food and medical facilities more accessible to people in underprivileged areas, especially during any calamity.

  • It Is a Rewarding field:

As discussed above, Public Health is a field that has an impact on the masses. Many students become interested in this field because they want to help others. It is an empathy-driven career that helps these students in serving people to improve their life. One of the biggest benefits for public health workers is seeing the positive outcomes of their work in the community. If you are working at a local level, the fruit of your hard work will rip before your eyes.

The employees can work on area-specific problems by reviewing statistical data of that particular place. The main issue in solving any problem on a community level is educating people about the problem they are facing or might be facing in the future. To achieve this, the employees hold campaigns and conduct seminars. Advertisements are aired on local television and radio channels. If you are a person who loves meeting people from different backgrounds, then you can do this job very well. While for introverts, they can engage themselves in gathering statistics and constructing programs that can help in solving the problem.

On an international level, you can work on a larger scale for problems that are common to many people. For example, you can find a cure for a disorder that is affecting many people, or you can help people manage that disease. You can also help people in the management of a health condition like diabetes or obesity. With the advancement of technology, many international organizations are now spreading information more effectively about these epidemics.

  • You Can Experience Different Cultures:

People who join international organizations after graduating in public health usually have to travel to different countries. This is because they are required to visit and stay in places struck by weather and health-related crisis. That way, they can work closely with people who are directly impacted by these disasters. This can help with better policy planning as they can take all factors into their consideration.

This also means that employees have to interact with many people around the globe. They get to experience all kinds of cultures, which will play a part in their professional and personal growth.


Public Health can be a demanding field for some people, but it is also an ideal profession for many people. It allows them to satisfy their inner consciousness by solving major concerns for so many people while also being a profitable career for them in terms of money. No wonder many students are becoming interested in it. You will be making a difference in your community no matter what path you choose after graduating in public health. 

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