Virgo Weekly Horoscope 4th December – 10th December 2022


Love and Relationships

Romantic HappeningsYour words may show your feelings. Refrain yourself from falling prey to negative thoughts. Some better changes might come your way as the week advances if you ignore the negative vibes. You may enjoy the feeling of love and cherish some wonderful moments with your partner during the weekends.Your planetary positions suggest that your relationship with your partner may get further strengthened during this phase..


Fitness BasicsAt the beginning of this week, some negative vibrations and malefic energies may keep on creating some minor health problems. You may require more effort to maintain your health and energy levels.You must keep a close eye on your fitness as you could be prone to health issues due to seasonal impact or some stress. Maintain a proper diet.


Money BagsThough the Virgos may begin the week with a lot of planning, they might feel that destiny is reducing its assistance. Instead of expecting quick income, it may be advisable to foresee the income before executing any spending or investments. You may also need to be prepared for unforeseen expenses for your family. Only your efficient financial management may help you to overcome the obstacles.


Career ConceptPressure to perform and maintain your position is likely to strain your nerves. As the week advances, planetary influences would make you worry about your performance and responsibilities. However, you might remain confident, and you are not likely to give up in such a situation. You might have to plan well and ensure that you do not falter in your execution of plans and actions in your business matters.


Learning LessonsThis week the planetary alignment can be helpful for your progress. You need to make sure your basics are strong. Virgos may be able to study well and maintain their focus. The advice given by seniors can be a positive influence. You might be able to channelise your energies in the right direction. Hence there may be a drastic improvement in your overall progress.

The Week’s Overview

Job professionals born under the Virgo sign may have a hectic schedule at their office. You may take added responsibilities, which may keep you occupied till the next week. Some of you may need to perform multi-tasking as per the requirements. Business owners may need to come up with new strategies. This hard work may help you attract more clients leading to enhancing your financial income. During this week, you are advised to postpone any financial commitment as it may not give you positive results. Moving forward, you would be more possessive. However, you may find a positive change as in the mid-week. In love life, you may demand more attention from your beloved ones. You are likely to spend more time with those who are close to your heart. You may create wonderful memories walking hand-in-hand with your partner. Students who belong to the Virgo sign may have an ideal week, especially for those who are willing to take higher education. You may see improvement in your overall progress this week. You need to be careful in terms of health and follow a strict food diet. Planet transits may negatively influence your health status. Kids may have viral infections, so if possible, refrain from consuming outside food. Gradually, you may see a better status of health by the weekend. Elders suffering from illness may get recovery. Overall, you may have a better time..

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