Vakarui Paris – The Brand to Watch Out For


A successful brand is positioned credibly in accordance with its character. A brand needs to create an identity and choose a direction; on top of it, they need to know their audience, and they need to create options for their audience as well. In today’s world, there are countless people who are struggling to establish a brand that would not only run successfully but at the same time create their own identity to stand out. Every day many brands start and end too as it’s a never-ending race in this world of fashion. Mazayah Legend Andrews, an athlete, an author, an entrepreneur, and above all, a famous social media influencer, is the mind behind this successful brand called ‘Vakarui Paris’ that stood out and created their own identity. His vision is behind the success of all his ventures, it all starts with an idea but it takes a lot of hard work and never-ending hustle to execute it all.

Mazayah initiated the idea for his brand, Vakarui Paris in 2015, which started with a one-of-a-kind limited-edition hand made shoe concept. Mazayah being the Founder and CEO, designed the shoe himself, and he chose Italy, for the manufacturing of the Vakarui Paris’ shoe collection. The shoes by his brand are handcrafted in Italy using high-quality materials. Mazayah’s luck changed when he met the director of Stonecrest Mall. As they say, when there’s a will, there’s always a way. Mazayah shared his concepts with him, and the director loved the designs and he was so impressed by his idea that he offered him to open a store at the mall. This was the first stepping stone towards the success.

Vakarui quickly gained recognition across the city, which led Mazayah to open the second branch in Atlanta. The store was opened opposite to the Lenox mall. Vakarui Paris that started with just a couple of models has been featured in many high-profile fashion shows that took place across United States. Even though Mazayah’s brand started off with just shoes, today, Vakarui Paris has an entire clothing that is being loved from the masses. The new branch will be at the Phipps Plaza across from Lenox mall. Everyone wants a successful business and brand but they usually forget the top 4 factors that are Consistency, Intrinsic Value, Strategic Stories, and Solid Design. Vakarui Paris has got it all that’s why their brand value and online presence is increasing every day.

With a Whopping net worth of $6.2M, Mazayah Legend has predicted that his brand Vakarui Paris is all set to generate a $2M revenue. The growing number of Instagram followers is a proof that Mazayah’s fan following is growing day by day, currently he has 1.2 Million followers and they have always supported him throughout. The Vakarui Paris brand team is in conversation with a lot of major A list celebrities for a collaboration too. The brand is all set to make big moves in the coming year and it’s surely on the way to give tough competition to all the major brands out there.

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